Monday, February 22, 2010

Take a Breath And Hold Your Reaction

Took Mom to physical therapy today, as she's been recovering from hip replacement surgery. She has had a long and tough road to healing, but I'm so proud of her and her effort to be well.  My nieces were as beautiful as always.  I bought the movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" and cried like an actress doing a Kleenex commercial.  The movie moves me, inspires me, and makes me want to go back to church.  Truth is I love church.  I really do!  I love community, gospel music, singing and clapping, praying and feeling good!  I just sometimes disagree with a lot of things that it teaches sometimes, and feel torn between feeling like a hyprocritical sinner and being brave enough to think that it is possible to love ALL people even if they believe diffrently than me.

I hate to admit it, but Mr. Mak keeps haunting my brain.  It sucks and I want to be all tough about it, and say, well, he let me down, but he's there.  There's a connection there...and it's beyond a physical attraction.  Can't explain it too well.  We've had such great conversations, and I think he has the perfect combination of intelligence and humility; manliness and empathy; dangerous and safe, lol...or maybe I'm just out of my mind!!!  Because here's the kicker...are you ready?  Take a breath and hold your goes.

I've NEVER met him in person.  The story is long, and one day, maybe I will let you know the whole story.  Long story short we began as pen pals, graduated to texting, calling...but everytime we have a date planned something goes wrong either on his side or mine.  Just when I tried to get him out of my mind... 

Mr. Mak sent me a text...he had good news, and I was excited for him and congratulated him.  I had put my phone down while watching the movie and suddenly realized he'd been trying to contact me...damn!!

Did I mention??


LOL..I can do this...but something's gotta give.  I need a date!!  Or a piece of candy!  Or date with candy in his hand...Sweet dreams!         


  1. OMG!! If you haven't had the candy're doing great!

    As far as mister Mak goes....if everytime something goes wrong everytime a date is set up. I believe its gods way of telling you this guy is not good for you or its not safe for you to meet this complete stranger. So I would be careful....but good luck in whatever you decide to do.

    Love yah!

  2. I agree with Butterfly-Sunshine. The meetings that keep getting cancelled is a sign from the universe. Making a connection with that special someone shouldnt be so difficult. The keyword to remember is "priorities."


  3. Things will come in due time. You are genuine person and i think that you should just let things go with the flow. God has something great for you