Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 Days without...? Are you kidding me?!

Woke up happy.  I'm feeling quite positive today.  I realized today is Ash Wednesday.  Although I am no longer Catholic, I am still a Christian - and I still enjoy honoring Lent. I think it is a noble act to give up something you love for 40 days in honor of Jesus' sacrifice for us.  Lent gives me a BIGGER reason to get rid of a couple of bad habits.  So for the next 40 days, I will give up soda and candy...Wait, maybe just,  Ugh, okay I'll give up both.  I bet I'd lose weight just from those two things alone, lol.  I had given up soda for a while, and slowly began to creep it back into my diet.  After all, how can you go to the movies and not have soda?? 

I went to Manhattan to record a song I co-wrote with an award-winning writer who's wrtiten for Taylor Dayne, Clay Aiken and more!  I have to say I enjoy writing songs - it is another outlet to express my feelings, for which during my childhood I was either not allowed to, or to afraid to.  I never realized I have so much to talk about & now no one can shut me up!  Ha, ha!  The night I sang at Madison Square Garden, just before I went on, I was forewarned,"Now remember, Judy, NO talking!!"  LOL..yeah ok, like here I am at the world's most famous arena, and I'm not gonna say anything???  Like we say in the Bronx, "Aha...yeah, righ!"  The great thing about this writer is that I feel he gets me.  He understands I want to write about something substantial; something that has a message.  Booty shaking songs are great, don't get me wrong, but I want to be remembered...not for shaking what my mama gave me, but for being inspiring.  Don't know what will happen with the song...I must have 20 or so songs at home that literally just hang out in my wall unit, wishing for some attention.  But that is the game of the music or two people decide if millions of people will ever listen to your material.  That is fine with me, I love being here...and I'll keep writing until someone says, "...and the grammy goes to...Judy Torres!!!"  YES! YES! YES!  Thank you...thank  

I just had a morbid thought...ok, I'll share. If I died, God forbid, will those songs in my wall unit suddenly come to life?  I know, I's a horrible  thought, but it popped into my head, what can I say?  Am I the only one that has strange and taboo thoughts like that?  God, forgive me for that...ok, I'm back.

Tomorrow I get the MRI for my hip and I see the lap band surgeon...hope I don't cry.  At least I'm slowly getting back on track.         

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