Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 of 2 - Adventure with Aventura.

 Sorry about that...
Okay so they walk in 8:20pm.  Romeo has a big smile on his face; he's a lot taller than I'd imagined; quite handsome too.  Henry has a presence about him quiet but very masculine; and Lenny is adorable...cute smile.  

I test their mic levels.  My heart is POUNDING! Okay can do this.  You prepared, you did your research, you spent three days preparing, you memorized your intruduction.  Breathe. Took a breath and pressed record.  I begin my well-rehearsed and memorized's perfect.
"#3 on the Hot Tours List....76,000 fans...Madison Square Garden.  Welcome....Ventu...

OH S**T!  I mean, "Aventuraaaa!"  Romeo expresses, "wow, what an introduction."  I knew right there we were going to be good.  So I relaxed a little and decided to have fun.  You know what I didn't realize? I had my questions, lol, but I forgot they were actually going to ANSWER them!  I didn't anticipate what they might say, or how long of an answer they would give.

They were gracious, endearing, sincere, happy, truthful-to-themselves types of men.  I was proud to be there in that moment, thanking God that they were not difficult or conceited.  We had fun moments:  when we talked about the "f" word being used as an adjective; when I called Max "Maximo" they all laughed at me; when I asked them what it was like to sing for President Obama; and when I asked who had the biggest feet..."   You can hear the interview by clicking here . 

The interview lasted about 30 minutes...I thanked them; I hugged them; I took 2 pics with them (no time for autographs, they had to go do a video thing downstairs)...I saved the interview in the computer.  And realized I had that adrenaline headache that affirms your stress, reminds you of the magnitude of your nervousness, and releases your inner, negative fears.  It says, "You did it. It's over."  

I dimmed the lights...I walked into the hallway, and I was, well, what i always am when it's over...alone.  Alone.  But dammit, I DID IT!!!