Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods, Kanye & Things That Make Me Go Hmmm.

I may be way off base with this, but as I watched Tiger Woods' press conference, I had a sudden thought.  I see a parallel between Tiger Woods and Kanye West.  Whaaat?  Yes.  Maybe I'm reaching here, but let's backtrack for a second.

Kanye West is in the public eye, extremely famous in music.
Tiger Woods is in the public eye, extremely famous in golf.
Both are under tremendous pressure to compete, to win, and to exceed their fans' expectations.
Kanye West made a horrible move where he cheated Taylor Swift of her moment...but in the end, he hurt himself.
Tiger Woods made a horrible move when he cheated on his the end, he has hurt himself.
Now, stay with me.
Here's where my mind went, " there a connection?"

Kanye was VERY close to his mother. His mother was instrumental in believing him and supporting him in his career.  His mother was his backbone.
Tiger was VERY close to his father.  His father was VERY instrumental in believing in him and supporting him in his career.  His father was his backbone.
Both men's behavior was questionable AFTER the death of their mother and father respectively.Is it possible that when we lose that parent that we just ADORED...we do something risky, crazy, or dangerous?  I'm not an expert, but what if, just what if these men didn't have an appropriate time to grieve with all the demands their careers have on them, and knowing all eyes are on them?  Is it possible that the way I eat to distract me from my pain, sometimes they do other things that are "out of character" for them to distract them from their pain?  Is it possible that I'm simply having sugar withdrawal, and am being an idiot right now?  Is this a thought I should've just kept to myself? 

I am not justifying their behavior, I'm simply saying that I see a parallel here, and wonder if there's a connection.  What do you think?  Feel free to leave a comment under this blog - but please no bashing...that' not why I wrote this.  When people behave in a "dumb" way, and make bad decisions, I just am fascinated in asking "why?"       


  1. have point there!

    As for your dear you are not alone!
    My job can be very stressful and traumatizing. There are times that I get so stressed it makes me physically sick.

    I believe that sometimes when we don't deal with certain things or situations for whatever reasons, we tend to just push them away and just want to forget that it drives us to do other things to call for attention. Because that is what we really want is some attention, somebody to hear us out and help us deal with what we are dealing with.

    And with that have my email and phone number and you can always count on me.

    Take care yah!

  2. I would tend to agree with you, but Tiger has been fooling around on his wife since before his dad passed away. And Kanye was acting silly before his mom passed away also. Although I do agree losing someone so close can push people over the edge too, I just believe that these guys are just idiots that chose to put themselves in these situations.

    Love ya Judy!