Saturday, February 13, 2010

Appreciating the Nothing

Today was uneventful.  It was one of those days where simply nothing noteworthy happened.   But it is specifically this type of day that allows me to think.  Today was just one of those days where I didn't know what to do with myself.

So the only thing left to do was clear the clutter, lol.  It's days like this I consider getting rid of the clutter in my house and the clutter in my life.  I decided that I would do some organizing and decluttering.  And two hours after I had begun this little project, I looked around to notice ONE BIG MESS!  Sometimes before we clean things up, we make a disastrous mess first.  We wonder how we let it get that bad before doing something about it.  Honestly, sometimes we just don't pay attention to it until it is out of control; until the mess, the drama, can no longer be contained.

Oddly enough, it was a quiet day.  Besides my best friend, mom, and my brother, I barely spoke to anyone.  I was alone.  And lately, I have detested being alone.  But not today.  There was just a quiet peace about it.  I didn't feel lonely.  I had a good time keeping myself company.

Sorry, if I didn't have anything fascinating and provoking to mention or complain about.  But it is precisely these days of nothingness that we need to appreciate, because inevitably life will change, and I may have a horrible, stressful day...and it is exactly a day like this that I will yearn for.  So here's to a perfect, nothing day!  Cheers!                

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  1. Love it! Trust me you will yearn for those days and must enjoy every chance you get it. I appreciate when I gget one of those days.