Friday, February 26, 2010

Umm, Where Do I Put The Extra Snowflakes?

Each day I post a quote on my social sites.  Today's quote:  "One snowflake is so fragile, but just look what happens when they stick together." 

I woke up not caring...just wondering if Chuito was okay.  Each time I called,he was still sleeping.  It's so reassuring to know he's sleeping here on this earth, still with us.  So it was time to face the music again, and come to terms with digging my car out from the snow.  Now, you remember what happened the last time I had to dig my car out?  I became acutely depressed, and realized how "alone" I was.  So I was not crazy about digging out over 14 inches of snow to remind me of it again. 

WOW!  Look at that?  I can't even SEE my car.  The only way to get it done is to start.  So I began to shovel...shovel...shovel..sweat...shovel, shovel, shovel, can't feel my feet...shovel...wait.  Where do I put the snow?  There's no room.  Ugh.  And then, as if God read my last "shovel" blog, the super of my building began to help me.  Oh, what a relief.  God bless him!  Chivalry is not dead!  I was so happy that he helped me, I began to help my 66 year old neighbor dig his car out too.  Why not?  My brother is fine!! Besides, I couldn't watch him to do it alone, the way I didn't want to do it alone.  The super helped him too. It's unhealthy for someone of his age and health to be out in the cold shoveling that abundance of snow.  He offered me $2.  "No,"  I declined, "please...I wanted to help.  Francisco helped me, I help you.  It's called paying it forward."  Did you ever watch that movie, Pay It Forward?  GREAT MOVIE...The idea is someone does something nice for you, you promise to "pay it forward" and do something nice for three people, making them promise to do the same, etc.  Anyway, this time I did not feel lonely.  I felt empowered, assisted, and I felt good that I helped my fellow neighbor. 

Phone rings.  It's Chuito!  Thank God!  It was so good to hear his voice.  I have tears in my eyes just describing it to you.  The voice of each person is so unique - it is the song of their was good to hear his song today.  We talked.  I listened as he told me the unbelievable story of what he calls "his battle with the snowblower."  He said the snowblower won.  I told him I disagree...if the snowblower had won he'd have lost his hand.  I told him how many of my fans and friends and family were praying for him; how supported he was and how we were all believing in the miracle.  More than concern for himself, he was very very concerned about his wife and daughter; how he will take care of them now?  Will his wife be okay to do so much?  He expressed the pain that he just can't hold his daughter yet.  He thinks about others always -  I told you he is wonderful. 

So tomorrow I fly to Chicago to do a show. Sunday I work at the station and that night, though I know I'll be exhausted from sleep deprivation,  I am to attend the wake for the Venuto family's mother.  I still couldn't get to my brother today as they declared a state of emergency in his county, and there were no trains running on that line.  However, when this weekend is over, I'll be there to listen, help and hug him. 

So the snowflake alone is fragile - just like we, as humans, alone, are fragile...but look at what we accomplish when we band together.  I can never see a snowflake the same will remind me of Chuito!  And I will always remember how quickly everyone, my fans and family and friends, banded together in support and prayer.  Thank you, God, for saving my brother; for looking out for him; for saving his hand; for giving us one more reason to celebrate life!!  Go snowflakes!!!


  1. We could be your Little Snowflakes, just like Gaga has her Little Monsters. LOL!

  2. Judy, this was a beautiful post!

  3. Glad your brother was ok. How is he doing now since that incident?