Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome ....

Hello, friend!

Many people ask me for advice when I'm performing, while I'm on the radio, and even online. Don't know why, but they do! I do genuinely care about people and I have a high level of compassion, so I always answer their questions as honestly as I can; the way I would answer my personal friends if they asked for help. For the last year or so, I have been contributing to an advice column on DTM magazine, and have found that I actually enjoy helping people with words of encouragement. As a result, we have included this page on my website.

Welcome to the Dear Judy page, where you may ask for any type of advice you need; whether it be about love, profession, fashion help, spiritual matters. You can also agree or disagree and include your own advising comments - this makes this page alive and interactive. You may ask using your real name or an doesn't matter as long as you can ask. You can also read my blog, which will include my personal challenges as I struggle to find "the one" as many of you do, and my professional challenges as I strive to reach the top. I hope you will find it honest, empathetic, compassionate and inspiring.

Some of you will say, "But you're not an expert...what makes you think you know it all." What would I say? "You're right! I don't presume to be an expert. Advice is to be heard, not necessarily taken. Advice is supposed to help you assess your situation so you can make a sound decision, based on what is best for you. One thing I will promise is this: I will never pass judgment and I will give you the advice I would give my sister or my's all out of love." I hope you have fun here, and become inspired to be your best!! Thank you.


  1. Hi Judy, I just wanted to say Im a huge fan from way back ,cant get enough of your music and look forward to your new release.

    You have achieved amazing success and your goal is to take it to the next level. You have the talent there is no doubt, You know it and everyone else knows it. You have to have the desire. In your heart and in your head. That is the difference between champions and also rans.

    Fear drives us. The champions step up and produce They conquer it. The also rans retreat into a myriad of excuses

    Dont let anyone stop you. Your weight training should be a lifetime endeavor. Picture in your mind what you want to look like and get a trainer and achieve it. It will be hard and will take a long time but it can be done. When someone gives you a wise remark ,just agree and move on, and in your mind tell the jerk youll see, its going to happen. Dont let negative people pull you down,

    You know you are talented and beautiful so no matter what else happens in your life you know you can sing, you have proved that. Dont be afraid to go to the next level. There are people who dont have 1/10th of your talent that would do anything for the oppurtunity you have.Dont leyt it go by without doing all you can.

    Commit yourself and go for it 100% and dont let anyoe stop you, its all in your mindset. it can happen.

    Your fan Art P.

  2. I am so happy and proud of you!! YOU GO GIRL!!!