Friday, August 6, 2010


I woke up today in a hurry...lots to do...lots to prepare for. Wait.  Oh, my God!  Look at my house!  Judy!!! What have you done??? There was no way in the world I would do anything until I thoroughly cleaned up my mess!!!  Got dressed, flew to buy a new air conditioner - mine sounds like it's a minute away from blowing up!  Bought the air conditioner, and drove to  the Woodbridge Mall...I change it up all the time...I have about 3-4 malls I love!  Anyway, I meet a friend and ask her to shop with me so I could buy cool outfits for this weekend's shows for Beatstock!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes you walk into a store...and you find nothing, nada, zilch!  And then sometimes, on a rare occasion, you can strike gold!!  Today, I walked into the very first store and hit the jackpot!!  Immediately I found two outfits, matching jewelry...but wait. 
(angels singing over my head). There they were.

Black, leather, over the knee with peek-a-boo-toe boots!  You don't the average big deal.  But I have horses' matter what size I've been - whether a 14 (which is average for my 5'9" height) or an 18...doesn't matter. I can NEVER buy boots like that as much as I like them...but thanks to the "plus size boot", with extra room for muscularly curvy calves...that's what I call mine, I was able to try them on...and of course they go perfect with my outfit!  How much, you ask??  Ready? $68!  That's it!?  Oh, now I HAD to buy them....

The cashier was completely alone...the other worker never showed up and she was literally doing the work of 3 women...I finally walked up to her and made my purchase...
Final price:  $233. 
My friend and I looked at each other in amazement! Wow...all that stuff:  boots, shoes, 5 tops, a belt, 2 rings.  That was GREAT...the tops were not I thought in my head a total of close to $400 or so.  Immediately my friend and I went to another shoe store.  I know, I know...I already bought 2 pairs...
But you know what I just LOVE about shoes? They always fit...I can be size 14, 16, 18, 20...whatever..but the shoes...they fit!!  LOL  Okay back to the story.

We walked into another shoe store, where I was trying on a pair of HOT silver shoes and gold ankle booties...we were still stunned that the total amount of my purchase was so my friend pulls out the receipt...Because I am a frequent shopper, I immediately get 5% off my purchase.  So my friend starts reading it aloud...then she got quiet.

"What, Brenda?"
"Um, Judy..she didn't charge you for the boots."
"Yes, she did...of course she did...they were HUGE could she not see them?"

I grab the receipt. My eyes dart all over the piece of paper, desperate to find the proof.
Shoot...she didn't charge me for the boots. 
It wasn't as if I had gone home and noticed.
I was literally at the store just across from it.

I had a sudden flashback. Many years ago, I was shopping in Target...Tarjet! The cashier handed me back over $20 too much...I got in my car and when I realized it, I returned it back to her.  I wondered if I hadn't returned it, perhaps she'd get in trouble...what if she was a single mother and she got fired and now can't take care of her kid all because she made an error? Yes...I have a vivid imagineation.  I returned the money and she looked at me like, "Really?  Are you for real?"  Yes, lady, I'm for real.  LOL  I was proud of myself that day...I was able to think about it and not feel bad, because I'd done the right thing.

But I was so upset now....why??? Why? Why didn't she ring up the has to be mistake...I look for the sku number of the boots to match anything on the receipt...Nada, nothing, zilch, niet! Damn.  Then Brenda said one word to me, while I was shut up the little devil on my shoulder real quick: KARMA...In an instant I was sobered from my confusion....oh, hell no, nothing bad coming back to me anyday soon!  I walked right over.

"Excuse me, Miss, you never charged me for the boots." 
"Oh!  Wow! "
She was quiet.
Still quiet.
"Well, thank you so much for your honesty."
There was another woman standing behind me, shaking her head, most likely thinking, "You's a fool, sangana!!  You idiot...oh, hell  no, I'd be keeping that right there...feel bad, me?  No. Nah-ah!"
She rang it up..I sadly gave her the cash.  She thanked  me again...and gave me a $4 discount, lol.

As much as it hurt, because at the moment I was thinking..."not my fault if she didnt' boots!"  But my spirit just wouldn't let me.  Believe me this blog would be a blog of shame if I didn't return them...anyway, I plan on wearing them on Saturday..with PRIDE!!! They really are HOT freaking boots!!!  So I ask you...what would you do?           


  1. oh wow! free boots?! i'll take that any day!! lol but really i would have done the same thing you did. omg you mentioned Target and that's where it happened to me! the cashier from there gave me too much back and as i was walking out of the door i noticed it, turned back, and gave it to him. i wouldn't have felt right if i kept it and plus i work in retail so i would know how the cashier would feel if they were short. (and yes they will possibly get fired) you did the right thing mama! i know it was hard to give up that $ but you did good lol love ya!

  2. Yes if your draw is short or the inventory is wrong, or whatever, yes the employees get fired. Plus THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE!!

    Also it is embarrasing to the cashier - has happened to me when customers come back and tell me I forgot to charge the item lol.

    Other times my mom has gone food shopping and the cashier has forgotten to ring up some food items over various times.

    Yes for an expensive item, I would return it- if it was a cheap (under $20)- not so sure lol

    Honesty IS the best policy!!! You get LOTS of respect!! XOXOXOX

  3. You did what was right for you, and that's all that matters. I may have done differently, LOL. Even if you kept them without paying, it doesnt mean you stole them. You didnt intentionally go out to steal, like Rudy Guiliani's daughter (who was just arrested for shoplifting in Sefora and she had $300 in her pocket!) But that's life. There are all kinds of people out there.

  4. Judy;
    I am happy that you went back to pay for the boots. Although it was a mistake on the clerk's part and she was not aware of her error, you on the other hand saw on the receipt that she did not charge them. I think a clear conscience is the best thing a person can live with. For me, if knowingly that I did not pay for something, I would be waiting for something bad to happen. You did what was right! I am sure you will reap other rewards later, besides the $4 discount. You are the best!! Now go rock your boots at Beatstock!! I will be thinking about you!! Love you lots!!

  5. I'm so glad you did the right thing....I would of done the same thing...I also have a vivid imagination and letting someone else get fired for a mistake is really sometimes going over the top...and besides...this is what my mother has always taught're not only representing yourself...your representing me how I raised you...your representing your heritage your Spanish...and your representing your name like a my mom always taught me to think before I acted...and you know what Judy she is I tell the same thing to my kids....Have a wonderful time and now you have a story when you got your boots ( <3 . <3 )

  6. Hi Judy: You did the right thing. I would have done the same. We are good people. Yeah I would think twice about going back. But then I would feel bad about the cashier and what would happen to her. Something like this happened to me in Walmart the casiher gave me $13.00 extra. I wasn't paying attention til I got to me car and counted the $ and saw the receipt. So I went back. She was so thankful. I didn't get any coupons/discounts. Her thank you was enough. What goes around comes around/karma. We all like when these type of things but not on the expense to others. I'm not perfect one is but I try my best to be good in this life cause what you put out you get back. GOD don't like ugly. You'll enjoy the boots more. I'll see them when you post pics from the concert. You will look wonderful and sing like an angel. God Bless Love Ya.
    Connie Ruiz

  7. HI JUDY yes you did the right thing I believe what go's around comes I know working for transit if a station agent that sells metro cards is short she or he have to make up for the shortage out their own pocket I remember 30 yrs ago I went to banco popular withdrew 100$ when they had the saving were they would stamp the amount you withdrew or deposit the teller forgot to stamp the $100 withdrawal when I was leaving I checked the pass book no $100 withdrawal went back and told her she was so happy on another note I love horse calves LOL I think its not normal to have chicken legs you know how chicken legs are skinny at the bottom and get thick at the top LOL so you must have beautiful legs!! I once went out with a woman that was 5'9 I'm 5'7 she put her arm around my shoulder and I put mines around her waist we had a great time LOL and finally if you did'nt I'm JOSE M GONZALEZ LOL the #5 train operater take care and GOD BLESS YOU your a terrific human being love you....