Sunday, August 29, 2010

Promo Only in Atlantic City - Part 2 of 3

Kim Sozzi & Me
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - A.M.:

I woke up with my feet KILLING me! And for those of you wondering, yes, I've seen a podiatrist about the pain. It seems that I've worn away the natural padding in the soles of the feet responsible for absorbing shock.  Apparently, it's from all the years of wearing heels for too long for too many days.  Either way, they were KILLING me! I thought about just resting for the day because I was scheduled to perform that evening.  Ah, yes, I'll take a long, hot bath and order room the View!  Yea, that's it!  I began to fill the tub, when I received a text.

"Hey, Judy, you still wanna have breakfast?"
Darn. I had forgotten I invited Kim Sozzi and her friend, Michelle, to breakfast the night before.  
"How 'bout we get together in about 45 minutes?"
So much for the bubbles! And just like that, I was showering and dressing for breakfast.

Kim and Michelle are BEAUTIFUL women..they're also size 2 and 0 most likely. I wondered  to myself.  What to skinny women really eat for breakfast? I promised myself at that moment that whatever the girls ordered, so would I? I thought perhaps they have a secret.  What did they order?  Kim ordered a cheese omelet furnished with home fries, french toast, juice and coffee.  Michelle ordered a Grand Breakfast:  2 eggs, 3 links of sausage, 3 strips of bacon, coffee, juice, AND 2 buttermilk pancakes!  Um, Hello!!!
"Yes, sir, I'll have what she's having!"
Half hour later, we were talking about family and the music business...I looked at their plates. I couldn't finish my pancakes or bacon...was just too full? I looked at their plates...GONE!  LOL. Oh, well, there goes that theory.


I was sitting at one of many panel discussions throughout the day at the convention. Lucas Prata, a recording artist, asked the program directors on the panel why it is harder for recording artists on independent labels, such as Kim Sozzi and me, to get their songs on the radio than for major label recording artists.  I thought that was a GREAT question. In all honesty, my perception of that has been very true.  I've wondered sometimes if I had been signed to a major label, would I be climbing such an uphill battle.  I mean when I look at songs on the radio and see the artists, they are almost ALWAYS on a major label. One of the program directors responded, "I don't care what label an aritst is on. A hit is a hit.  I want to play a hit at the end of the day. " I thought that was a good and truthful response, however, I confess, not my experience.  But I think people, the listeners, the fans, are the most powerful weapon. Many years ago, my label had told me that they would release no more songs from my album. But there was this one deejay named Little Louie Vega, who played Love You Will You Love Me at a club called 1018 in NYC, and the PEOPLE called the radio stations and requested it so much that the station called my record label. Two weeks later, my label called me for an emergency photo shoot because the song would be released in two weeks.  That song was a strong hit for me!!  And just as I was relishing the nostalgic feeling, I received a text.

"Judy, bad news. I woke up this morning, and Frenchie wasn't moving."
My heart stopped. Nah, I'm sure she's just sick or something.  The panel discussion was a really important one. One of my bosses from KTU was on the panel. I couldn't just walk out.  I tried to stay, but I COULD NOT! I walked out and called July, my friend who'd taken in Sedona and Frenchie.  Frenchie died. Just a year old. She had a hard life. She was in a shelter for the first 5 months of her life. She'd been officially adopted by a person who signed all the papers but never came back for her. I picked her. I'd chosen her for me.  She LOVED her belly rubbed; never met a more affectionate kitten in my life. She had an infection while I had her, and then she'd swallowed something sharp and tore her throat up. I nursed her back to health and $2000 later, she was better.  Today, she died with no explanation.  My only comfort was knowing that July wanted Frenchie and Sedona so bad, and he'd given them a loving home.  I walked back into the panel room, and quickly was forced to wipe my tears.  I'll have to cry about it later.  I had to prepare for a show that evening.
Love you, Frenchie!


  1. Even I remember you introducing your cats on the video chat from Myspace a few yrs the way saw a video on youtube of you receiving the award

  2. Sorry to hear about your cats. I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to my dogs. I hug and kiss them everyday.

    As for Kim Sozzie, she has great records. My favorite is "How Did You Know" I was actually playing that Maxi-Single this weekend in my bathroom. I have a boombox in my bathroom (yes, exclusively for the bathroom.) I'm always having a party in there by myself. I do 2 performances a day. LOL.