Tuesday, August 3, 2010

VIDEO SHOOT DAY 1 - PART 2. Cupcakes, Company & Complexes!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - Afternoon/Evening

It seemed as if I really couldn't walk...that's how bad my feet hurt.  My podiatrist told me a couple of years ago, that I'd worn out the natural padding on the feet that help absorb shock from all the years of wearing heels and jumping up and down, but I had to!!  LOL.  I was helped down off the crate, and was just about seriously ready to cry, when I saw everyone get kind of quiet.  There was a hush about the room.  The people from Cupcake Stop Bakery entered the room:   Lev Ekster,  Todd Marcus, and Chris Mitchell (chef).  They opened up a large box and to my surprise, there they were - custom made, red velvet cupcakes that said "Judy Torres - Stay" all over them!!  Cupcake Stop began in 2009 and is already growing Nationwide with many celebrities flocking to their shops...even I knew about them, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw their logo!!  LOL....They presented the cupcakes to me, ; they said they were huge fans of mine!!  And for just one moment, I forgot about the pain in my right foot.  I thanked them, hugged them, and of course, I HAD to eat one!!  Wow...what a great surprise!  They took me to the side to discuss an idea they have to name cupcakes after me!! OMG! That is just outrageous...and I already had lots of ideas!  Just great! I thanked them again, and proceeded to the VIP room, where the winners were. I had plans for them too!

I arranged gift bags for them, that I personally made!  In them were thank you cards, a Judy Torres Stay t-shirt just like the ones worn by the crew, a signed cd of Stay and a framed autograph pic! I walked into the VIP room and handed them out to each one!  I explained what I loved most about their photo submissions.  I wanted to eat with them, but they'd already eaten, lol...it was late.  But I sat with them, and chatted, answering any questions they had.  We got into a serious conversation about a stalking experience I had many years ago (another blog, I know, lol) and we discussed multiple sclerosis and how it can affect my vision, etc.  But all in all, we all laughed,  and we even filmed a video together singing along with Stay!  I had such a good time, and it was everything I'd hoped for. I hope  they enjoyed it as much as I did...I also hope it was a good experience for them!

Going back on set, I changed into my 3rd or 4th outfit.  Can't remember because I changed so many times. LOL.  But this particular look I do remember because I was told that I would be singing it to the acapella.  I was told to not move - not to move my hands or face...just to sing straight to the camera.  And as the music began, I don't know what came over me, but I began to remember some issues in my last relationship and just felt like I was going to lose it.  But I looked into that camera and allowed myself to feel what I felt even if I did what Oprah calls "the ugly cry."

In between breaks, while I was changing and getting make up and hair redone, the crew was filming Raena Rosa and Waseem Khawaja, the actors we hired to be in the video to play the wife and husband/boyfriend respectively! During filming we discovered an amazing surprise, which I will keep under wraps and wait until the documentary comes out, lol.  I only got to thank Raena...and heard she did an amazing job!

Now it was time for me to do the "interaction scene"...the first time I would do any filming with the actor playing my boyfriend in the video.  I'd met with him a few days before, just so I could chat and get to know him, but I didn't even know what the directors had planned for this so-called interacton scene.  I got on set, and we were told that we would be dancing, ensuring lots of eye contact and passion...LOL...Um, ok.  For a moment, I felt very shy. Waseem (pronounced Vaseem) was a very sweet guy - not intimidating in anyway, and yet, I was a little uncomfortable.  Many years ago, I played Queen in a musical called The Life, and every night of performance I had to kiss this man I barely knew...I'm talking all out making out!!  And, I hate to say it, but he had onion breath every night!  It was hard, but I got through it...you do what you have to do all in the name of performing!  So, recalling that situation, I immediately asked for gum, as we were walked through the scene.

I needed mood music...you know?  I asked for some music and we chose "My Baby You" by Marc Anthony and "Carry Out" by Justin Timberlake/Timbaland...yea, that'll work!  LOL. So here we are...Waseem and I...dancing, arm and arm...and my head was down...I don't know what was wrong...I'm a pro...it's not like I'd never done that before, but for some reason, I was looking down.  The director, called for cut, and walked over to me.  The song Stay is about the "other woman" singing to her boyfriend, asking him to Stay with her.  He's married, obviously, and in the end of the song she realizes she's doing the wrong thing for herself and leaves him.  So, the director came over to me, and said, "Okay, Judy.  You're acting like the wife with your head down...you're the other woman here...you need to show more passion, more connection..."   Suck it up, Judy!  Get out of your head and just do it!   So when the music began again, I just decided to enjoy myself. It is a little strange to have a stranger holding you, looking at you with desire, and it's a little strange reciprocating. Some actually call that acting, but I think doing this made me question if I was desirable?  That's it...my insecurities about my weight, about my face, about me...they all came up.

I told that negative voice to shut up; that I was tyring to do a video here, and just like that, it was gone. I went for it...even telling myself, if he makes out with me, as Joy Behar from the View says, "So what? Who cares?"  LOL.  I admit, it felt natural, and Waseem is easy on the eyes too, lol...NO don't go there, people,  there is no interest - he has a girlfriend!! LOL...I do admit he's a fine man...both inside and out...

The fans began to leave one by one between 5 & 6pm...I can't blame them - long day! But I said goodbye, signed more autographs for them and thanked  them once again.  We did the last take and it was finally said, "Okay, people...we're done!  We do this again tomorrow!"  Oh, man..my feet hurt so bad!  I checked my messages!! Oh, my God! I forgot to send my showtape with my manager's assistant to the producer of Beatstock...they needed that hours ago!  I had 48 emails and 2 from my manager pretty mad at me!  I immediately asked for help and between the director and the Bravo staff, we had it emailed out right away.

I came home with 2 vases of flowers, a suitcase full of clothing, bags of stuff, and no personal assistant...I finally got home at 9:43pm...what a day!  I unpacked things, took off the makeup...but red lipstick is a stubborn thing!! LOL...and went straight to sleep.  The next day would prove to be challenging too!  It would be mostly acting - a scene with Waseem, dialogue and what we call the breakdown scene!  Supposedly it would require me to cry on cue...but could I do that??  Hm....goodnight!                   


  1. I guess I can imagine being semi intimate with a total stranger AND in front of the crew!! Not for me!! LOL Remember me with stage fright?? LOL I am sure the video will look GREAT! HAVE FAITH!!!!!! God is looking out for you Judy Torres!!!!! XOXOXOXXO

  2. Here's a pic of my cupcake.