Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ahoy, Beatstock! Bye, Bye, Navy Guy! (Part 2 of 2)

August 7, 2010 - KTU's BEATSTOCK at PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ

Woke up and instantly began running around. There was a lot to do, a lot to prepare for and as soon as I began running around the phone began ringing off the hook.  I was grateful that I had already decided on what I would be wearing...that saved at least an hour off the clock!  Navy Guy showed up and was excited, but could see how busy I was, and he was understandably patient and stayed "out of the way" during the frenzy.  I was told I would only get a town car, so I had prepared him with the information. But at 3pm, a HUGE limousine showed up...I could've fit most of my family in it, and his eyes lit up.  We went downstairs, when I realized I'd forgotten something and had to go bak upstairs.  When I came down, Navy Guy had already taken several photos of the limo. LOL...it reminded me how special it is to get a limo pick me up...I am a very lucky and blessed girl, and I appreciate it all...never take it for granted.

He asked me, "Here." he handed me his camera, "take a picture."  So I did...The driver, realizing what was happening, said, "Give me the camera, I'll take a picture of both of you."  Navy Guy declined. Huh? In my attempt to not act like "a girl", and be clingy,I didn't complain, but I thought it was odd. What's wrong with taking a picture of me?  On the ride over, at first, we barely spoke...hm. Not the picture I had in my mind.  We did eventually warm up.  Before you know it, we arrived at PNC.  I introduced him to a few people, and Navy Guy was cool with everyone.  He asked me if I needed water, and he really balanced well between keeping me company and giving me space to do what I needed to do.  It was time to change.  But wait...oh, my God!  It's Charice!  The girl who was on Oprah, who was signed by David Foster!!!! I begged and I got a picture with her!  So cool!  What a HUGE voice coming out of her tiny and petite little body!  It was an awesome moment!

I was beginning to feel nervous...it happens every year. But I was excited. I wore a pink lace corset with black leggings, a black lace cover and the boots that I almost didn't have to pay for, lol..(I wrote about it in a previous blog, What Would You Do?).  I have to admit, I felt pretty great about what I was wearing. Yes, Iit was brave for a girl of my size, but it made me feel sexy.  I came out of the dressing room and people around me began to compliment me.  Good, whew, I look okay.  I was asked to take photos for Versace, one of the sponsors for Beatstock...it was fun. I even took some photos with Chris Willis, who I LOVE!!   

Time to go on stage.  I was waiting...I was to go on after Kim English.  It was a gorgeous day; a perfect day for the concert.  I heard my name.  "And now...Judy Torres." A heard a rush of the people...it was a mixture of applause and believe it or not, it felt like JOY!  I was honored, I was taken ababck with shock...I didn't expect such a great response. And I thought to myself, you better do good...but it was wonderful. It is so unbelieveably overwhelming to be able to sing and feel every moment, hit every high note...and hear people resond!! Oh, what a moment!!  There were so many celebrities, and all I secretly thought was, "People won't even remember I was here...once they see Enrique, Pitbull...there's no way they even care that I'm here."  But I have to say, upon hearing the applause and response, I felt in for the short amount of time I was onstage, they cared.       
I walked off, and was given high fives, asked to take pictures and was bombarded with requests...that always feels good I won't lie to you.  It is very validating as a human being, to have people react  to you in such a way is a compliment.  I walked over to Navy Guy, and he said, "When you went on a lot of seats thqt had been empty filled up..."  That was it. Was that a compliment?  I think so., sort of, kind of.  I should be grateful, but I wanted to hear, "Good job, baby!"  Then it hit me...that's what the Lobster would've probably said! It's not good to compare.  Comparisons aside, Judy herself would've liked to receive a compliment from a guy she's interested in.

The ride back home was QUIET. Navy Guy was on the phone, texting. His hand was just sitting there, and I reached out for it.  He pulled it away to text..but never replaced it back to my hand.  Whatever.  I had given him a t-shirt with my name & Stay on it, along with my business card as a joke...He had some other memorabilia he'd collected from Beatstock that day.  We had kown he was leaving to head back to the port inthe morning because he had duty on Monday morning, britght and early. I had asked him what he would tell people when he posted the pics of the limo, etc. onto the internet, and he said, "I'll tell them I went to Beatstock." No mention of me.  He said goodnight and kissed me lightly, thanked me & was gone. He said, "I'll be visiting family in a couple of weeks, and I'll pass by to visit, ok?"  I sat back in the limo, looked down and there it was.  He'd taken his photos, his souveneirs, but he'd left things behind - the tshirt that bore my name and my business card. It was as if, he'd purposely left behind any "evidence" that he was with me at all.  No pictures and nothing with my name. I can gesture that it was a mistake; that he simply forgot it..but those items were on top of all the other ones.  It was psychologically sending me a LOUD message.  And you know what? Although I was sadly disappointed, I have to confess, I had reached a point where it didn't even matter to me.  That was it.  We had said goodbye to one another without actually saying it.       


  1. yes chica we cared so deeply when you came on and you were great! now onto Navy Guy. he just makes me want to , excuse my French but, cut his ass for acting that way. he was just being a typical person who likes to get freebies out of someone then just leave them like nothing ever happened. and yes go with that strong feeling because it is on your side. he's done, finito, ass is grass and kicked to the curb. you so don't need him because you are way to good for him. but just know you got yo amigas mama and we're here for you. if you need backup for that jerk, i got you lol love ya!

  2. Dear Judy: Good evening. How are you? Hope this note finds you well. Glad you took time to relax alittle today. Judy let me start by saying that what you wore for beatstock looked very nice/sexy. I didn't get to see you this time around but if I know you, you sang your but off like last Wenesday at East River Park.
    Judy I've got to comment on the Navy Guy situation. We all have an inner voice that tells us when something is good for us or not and if you can't hear your inner voice let me tell you what it's say cause I can hear your angel from where I am. PUSH NAVY GUY OVERBOARD.LOLOLOL...Let him find another raft to float on. Navy Guy is someone you were hoping to have a connection with yet he acted like a typical fan. Except no fan would leave your pic or business card behind. When he got to your apt
    he should have had flowers,card,or candy or all 3 waiting for you. You don't need gift but it would have been nice. Yet he was taking pics of the Limo. WTF!! He never saw a Limo before. Then he brushed off on a pic with you and him that the limo drived wanted to take. What happened to being excited to see you wanting to kiss and hug you. Damn a man that wants you would have taken many pics of you and be proud to show them to his friends/family. He wants to hold your hand or even try to kiss you in the limo. How romantic would that have been. Whatever!!RED FLAGS: Not much talking going and coming from beatstock. No congrats before or after show. Your friends and Limo ride more important. Maybe he's intimated by your music career and beauty. I'm so sorry but It sounds to me like he not that into you. You deserve better. Your a great women with much love and happiness to offer the right man. You also deserver respect. As for the 5 1/2 yr old relationship with the ex. He's an EX for a reason. Not meeting parents is a hugh RED FLAG!!. No commitment is another. Yes you may still love him that's understandable but do you really want to go backward. Yes, you probably feel lonely and sad cause of Stupid Navy Guy but don't go to the EX. They love it when we beg for them to come back. You don't need him. Respect yourself and tell him to remember how good he had it and move on. Just be friends or not and I don't mean friends with benefits. LOLOL. Men rearly change. It's not that they can't they just think differently. Judy you and I have alot of things in common. We are both Gemini's. When we give our hearts it's for real and it's deep. I had a relationship like the 5 1/2 yr one you had but for many more yrs. I never meet his parents either. What did we have? Great Passionate Sex,good communication and I liked being with him when I could. He was so fine. He look like a young Patrick Swayzee. That wasn't enough. I wanted a commitment and he couldn't. So I let him go. Today I demand respect and love my life. I'm in a good relationship one I never expected. That's another page for another time. Judy Please Listen to your heart don't settle for Shitty men. You deserve a good man to love,honor & respect you. You will have it. Your life is wonderful without a man right now. Look at all you have. It's about you and only you. Enjoy everyday and when love knocks at your door you'll it and you inner voice/heart will feel it. Have a great evening we'll chat soon again.
    Love ya MMMUAH!!!!!
    Connie Ruiz

  3. Hi JudyI totally agree with Connie.

    I am crying for you because you got hurt and you DO NOT deserve it!!!

    How can someone not be PROUD to BRAG/ SHOW OFF photos with a MAJOR FREESTYLE PERFROMER / CELEBRITY??????????? As most EVERYONE knows I LOVE LOVE doing it- EVERY pic I have with us, the flowers, the autographs are TREASUERS TO ME!! I LOVE LOVE looking at them EVERY DAY!!!

    Same with Exposé- every meet and greet and GROUP / INDIVIDUAL MEMBER photo of them is a gold prize for me- worth millions TO ME!! I do not know what was going on in NaVy guy's head but sadly it was not about you.

    I am 54, single, without a partner for a long time but I am ok- yes lonely but ok.

    And he could have at least kissed you good bye on the cheek if nothing else !! sheesh!!

    Think positive- think that if you continued, you would keep wondering if he loves or at least likes you a lot- this way the bad news is inthe BEGINNING of the relationshiop and NOT in the middle or end when most couples find out the truth. That is GOOD news.

    You have a HUGE HUGE heart with your fans and we LOVE you for that. Your family loves you.

    Leslie Michelle XOXOXOXOX


  5. Hey Judy! I dont know how you can even say "people wont remember Im here" when me and my clan come every year JUST to see YOU!!! Pitbull who?? haha. And to hear that you still get nervous about your performance is sweet, but you kill it every time! Youve never missed a high note! Performing live must be nervewracking, but you always sound as good as ever. I dont like to comment on other peoples personal lives, but I have to say this: you are such a caring soul, and have a tremendous amount of love to give. I wouldnt want to see you waste it on some undeserving fool. One day someone whos deserving of your love will find you, and not take your love for granted. I just signed up, and love reading your blogs. They are witty and amusing and REAL! I love getting to learn more about you! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  6. Judy...You deserve to be treated like a queen and Navy guy will never know how good he had it...Don't give him the time of day. You are an amazing person with an amazing heart and he did not deserve you...I think a lot through the years and how parents raise their kids without family values and not teach them compassion or how to treat people with sincerity....you just worry about you ....You are loved by every person who you touched through your music..opportunities like this come once in a life time!!!! love you girl!!