Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VIDEO SHOOT - DAY TWO Part 2 - That's a Wrap!!!

Bedroom Scene...

Didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Now I was in bed with a stranger..a good  looking stranger, but still a stranger...someone I'd only met a week ago.  So weird!  It gave me renewed respect for actors when they have to do love scenes.  I fought the whole thing in the beginning. I knew the air conditioner was on, but i was freaking boiling, or was I blushing.  Gosh, everyone isjust staring...I dont know what I did to get through it, but I finally forgot all the faces staring and finally got into actress mode.  I decided:  THIS IS FOR THE FAT GIRLS!!" And just like that, I got over it.  I cannot tell you the whole thing, it will be more fun to watch when the video's ready I believe.  Besides you won't want the milk if I tell you all about the cow now!! But I'll tell you Milk DOES a body good, lol...Okay, I"ll stop now!

Honestly, the most difficult part about the whole day was having to remain in a state of sadness, became quite depressing.  At first it was hard to be "sad" all the time...I needed motivation. I recalled the last time I was betrayed by my ex-boyfriend...and it's enough to make any woman cry....the tears are automatically summoned...

I was tired...I was hungry...I was emotionally drained.  But now it was time for the "Breakdown scene."  Because certain props were limited in numbers, I only had two chances to get it perfect. I was so tired, and to borrow Lisa Lisa's song, I was "All Cried Out."  I simply had no more tears...but it had to happen.

I had nothing..but something happened in an instant on the very first take...not only did I have a breakdown but I couldn't stop was oddly was as if there was a secret sadness hiding inside of me and it was allowed room to breathe...We did it once more for more footage just in case...and then I heard the magic words. "That's a wrap!!!"  Yea!  We all had a shot of Tequila Rosa in celebration of the what the heck am I going to do in the next few days?  This was so exciting it had a kind of addictive quality...oh, yea I forgot, I was cast in a movie, Elliot Loves, as Aunt Nani...can't wait to do that!!                    


  1. i kno that's rite chica!! do it for us chunky but funky ladies!! lol but i'm glad you got through it all with flying colors and i can't wait to see the video. i know it's going to be awesome!

  2. After comparing you and me in the photo from the free show last night, you do NOT look chunkyt!! I repeat you do NOT look chunky!!

    maybe it can be compared to doing a one nite stand?? from the old days phrase?? lol

    I am anxious to see the video!!

  3. Sometimes you just gotta let it out and have a good cry. I have a playlist in my ipod and its called Tear Jerkers. Those are the songs that I listen to when I want to stir up some emotions inside me. I dont know why I do it, but when I do listen to them and I feel the emotions, it lets me know that I'm not dead inside (if that makes any sense). After being on the set on Day 1 and listening to your song over and over, I have a newfound respect for it. I'm looking forward to the video. And congrats on the movie. More stuff for all of us to look forward to! :)