Friday, July 2, 2010


It's a holiday weekend....AND
I'm sick. Ugh - throat infection. 
So due to all the rest I had today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts about my new song, Stay (available on itunes now, yes, I know  it's a corny shameless plug, but I had to do it, lol)

Here's what happens when you release a new song - ready?
You pray very hard every spare moment you have that you will have a successful song
You hold your freaking breath...
You hold your breath some more...

Anyone who wants to be in this business, be prepared to wait.  Waiting, my friend, becomes such a big part of the music industry.  You wait for someone to discover you. You wait to get signed. You wait to release a song or album.  Then you wait to see if anyone bites and adds the record onto a radio station.  You wait to hear it on the radio.  You wait to see if your fans will buy it.  You wait to hear what they think.  You wait to go onstage and sing it.  Wait, wait, wait, but wait.  

Last year, I submitted many songs to my lable for consideration to which they declined all of them - frustrating, but I didn't give up.  Then I asked my label if I could record Stay.  I was told, "Okay, let's see what you come up with."  I called Valentin, producer of Faithfully, and we recorded it.  I got my good friend, Wilma, to sing back-up for me, and submitted it to the label...who wanted "changes."  LOL. If you're considering being an artist, you've got to get used to hearing, "it's not enough...something's missing. Go back and do it again."  We did it over and over, added, took away, and FINALLY they said yes...but then there are contracts to sign. And I HATE the business part of the business, but until everyone is happy and everyone has signed all papers, NOTHING happens... At the very end, one day, the label wanted a little piano fill in just before the second verse...that little change delayed the release. I admit it sounds great, but I can't hear that part without either flinching or laughing because those four notes they wanted delayed the release. God bless Valentin for his patience!  LOL       

Today, I find myself waiting again, lol. I'm still holding my breath.  There is an excitement that lives and breathes inside me when a new song is released.  The label released Stay much sooner than I had expected...although I've waited almost a year for it to be available.  So now everything is rush, rush, rush...rush to order photos, rush to get my bio updated, rush to do a video! Oh, my God, we have to do a video NOW!!!  Oh, yes I forgot, you wait and then you spend a LOT of money.  I have paid my bio writer to update my bio, paid my web designer to update the site ( - another shameless plug, but it looks great, lol).  I paid my manager 20%; I paid the printer for photos, paid an internet publicity company to help me get the song heard...

Stay was released on June 22nd.  I was watching tv and saw this woman, this beautiful woman, sing this song called Stay, with tears in her eyes...and the tears were real and her voice was REAL!!  Really amazing!  Who is this woman?  I googled and googled and found Jennifer Nettles of country duo, Sugarland.  She wrote it while going through a divorce, but man, what a voice!!  I had to record it...why?  Because we ALL put ourselves in relationships that are unhealthy for us at some point and need to find the courage within ourselves to admit it. I have a passion for singing about empowerment - that's just me!  Well, I recorded the song almost a year ago...look how long I've waited to see that happen.

It is VERY difficult when I release something other than freestyle, because I know I'm gonna "get it" from the fans, lol.  I know what they want: simply put, more freestyle.  In this big music industry, what you don't know is what the bigwigs think, say, them freestyle is now considered a "classic" style of music, to some, they think I'm too old, and the only way to suvive in this business is to evolve...All the best of the best artists do that - they evolve, they reinvent themselves, they surrender to the fact that music always changes and you have to change too.  The current shifts, and you have to practice the art of flowing with the current. Swimming upstream just doesn't work.  You'll end up tired, you'll end up'll end up alone.   

So, although freestyle is always in my heart, I close my eyes like I'm watching a scary movie, and PRAY that my fans love me...not just my music...So far the record label told me it is too soon to know how it's doing...I have heard some like it and some don't.  So I've done all the things I can actively do, and now....I wait. I am proud of the recording...vocally, it's one of my best!  That I can be proud of.

In many ways, I see these next five years at my last chance to prove myself in the music business - to make a bigger mark than before.  In the meantime, I continue to do all I can - record, write new songs, make appearances, perform...and the rest , I leave up to the people...LOL.  And then, I leave it to God!  That's all I can do.  In a future blog, I will tell you why Stay means so much to me and when I work up the nerve, I will tell you about the ugly politics...but not today.  Today, I wait...I wait for my throat infection to heal, I wait to get another chance with the public, I wait to see if the song gets radio play...I know, it's not a very exciting blog, but hey, I'm sick, lol!  Just wanted you to know it means so much because I've watied so long.  Oh, here's a teaser, Navy Guy is returning home at the end of the month!!     


  1. Thanks for "educating" us fans on the "inside info" of the music business. I just thought your publicity manager did all the media stuff lol. I love the song and actually was surprised to hear you sing in a different vocal range- love the song!!

    I heard it was hard but didn't think you had to wait THAT long for things to happen!!

    Maybe with all your songs there can be a new album with a mix of your hits and your current and future songs on the same cd!!

  2. Haha yes that is very much a tease about Navy Guy! But can’t wait til u guys reunite to see what happens. Thanks for the tip about the biz. I always wanted to become a singer myself but never really put myself out there that much. It’s good to hear it from someone I look up to and who’s been through it all, how it really is and what to expect when you do try to make it. I can’t believe you really had to wait that long! Is that how it really is? It’s like mind blowing to me because I thought it was way different than that haha. Then I will just be a nervous wreck just waiting for news if I were to get out there haha. But I do believe in the saying good things come to those who wait. And if u just hang in there and wait just a little bit more, believe that Stay will be on the radio, you will continue to be the best, and you will get your Grammy. Judy you are not old nor is your music. Do you see how many people remember you and are on your facebook?! Lol come on! Your vocals were awesome on Stay so if you keep that up, which I know you already will, you’ll be getting your Grammy in no time. So feel better and keep up the awesome work that you do! Love ya!

  3. Hey Judy. Here's my honest opinion about the song. I like it, but I don't love it. I guess it's hard for me to fall in love with the song because I've learned so much about you from this blog. I just don't like hearing those lyrics come from you. It's about you being the other woman. You were not built to play the role of the other woman. I don't want you to play the other woman. You are the star!

    Anyway, I do love your vocals on this. I love the beats. Maybe I need a little more time to fall in love with it. But I know that I do love you. xoxoxo

  4. AWESOME!! just listened to it again and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! It TRULY shows you can sing in a different yet passionate vocal range-your deeper vocals really exemplify your talent- at least in my view- maybe because the deeper vocals allow me to sing along lol - I cannot sing and mixed vocal ranges (low /high) make me sound awful lol and it has an upbeat pep to it for lack of a better phrase lol!!!I believe it wil hit major radio markets soon!!! XOXXO

  5. Hi Judy: I read your blog and want to add that unfortunately there are people that we can and cannot not trust. Whether your in the music business or not. People like to gossip about other cause their lives are miserable. They have nothing better to do and because your fans love you and your a good person is why gossip like this happens. Let it go, let GOD handle it. Getting angry is what they want and it's ok to get angry. But whomever is doing this it's making them happy to know your angry. To hell with them. Put a smile on your face cause your bigger and better they whomever is starting this BullS--t. Their the ones with the problem. GOD don't like ugly. The ugly they put out they will get back. You know like what goes around comes around. You just keep beinging you. That will EAT their heart out. As for the music business I didn't realize it would be so hard. The waiting game is a killer. But i'll be dealing with it someday soon. Thanks for the update. As for Navy Guy. I don't know what it is you really wanted do with him. Wait a minute!!!! Your a Gemini let me!!!. I know what you wanna do. I'd do what feel right and do it with a lasso tided around my heart so that I wouldn't get hurt. Just have fun with him, or say thanks but no thanks. It's your heart and only you really know what you wanna do. Judy just remember he's still just a man. May God help you in all your decisions. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love You,
    Connie Ruiz

  6. I love this song!!...Your version more so than the country one~ cuz quite frankly country music doesn't float my
    I think that no matter what genre you attempt to sing, it will turn out fine~ because you have pure talent. Not many artists can stray from what they're "famous" for ~ they stick with only ONE,perhaps for fear of failing...but hey, if you try something new and your fans ditch you because they don't like it, then they aren't truly a fan.
    I would enjoy anything you attempt Judy, because you have an amazing voice and sheer talent, and you're brave enough to put a non freestyle song like this out there.I wish you luck and hope that the rest of your fans will appreciate your efforts as much as I do. Bless ...keep the songs coming girl~ no matter what!!! xx *Hugzzz* Bubba