Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#77! Waiting, Wishing, Wanting, Whoa!!!

This morning was my court appointment. I showed up at 8:30 a.m.  I was number 77 on the list in spite of my early arrival.  As instructed, I came with pictures I'd taken to prove I had my inspection renewed immediately, and then I waited.  Many people needed to be seen, many before me and many after.  It's just one of those things where you just have to wait patiently.  Then I found myself wishing, wishing I would get called a bit sooner. It was almost 11am, and I hadn't had breakfast yet. I was beginning to get what I call the Hunger Headache.  And then...I was wanting...wanting for the ticket to be dismissed.  You know what the universe told me today??? "It ain't gonna happen, Judy."  I spoke with the prosecutor, showed the pics to him and to the outcome:  $139.  As you all know I make it a habit to remind people that when bad things happen you have to find the good in it.  Ok...what can I appreciate here?  What's the good?  Ok.  I will NEVER EVER AGAIN allow my inspection to expire!  LOL...Thank God, I was able to afford the ticket. (that's the second thing).  Last but not least, there was a very handsome 40 something year old man - who I think was flirting with me and asked for my card.   Don't know if he was or not, but at least he was handsome...give me a break people, it's been a while, lol, nothing wrong with looking right?

Oh, good news!!!  Navy Guy returns to port in the US of A two weeks from today.  What?  What did you ask?  Am I excited?  Does Mother Theresa pray??  Are chancletas part of a hispanic woman's footwear?  Hell yea!!  LOL...okay, I'll update you next time I hear from him. (Yes, suspense, works, lol)

Now, I'm wanting...wanting to get voted to be a guest host for LIVE with Regis and Kelly.  My fans/friends have shown INCREDIBLE support, many voting for me more than once and the deadline is just two days away!  It would be fantastic to be on telelvision; not merely for the great publicity, but to show others in the industry that I can do other things, and television would be great! I'd KILL to be the next Oprah....I'd be the Puerto-Rican, Cuban "OPRAHITA!"  LOL.  I'm also wanting my new single, Stay, to sell well and get on the radio - but we've got to sell LOTS of copies to earn a place on the airwaves!. 

I am so I was incredibly busy as I met with my video production staff!  Yes, we are doing a video for Stay .  So much to get done:  find a leading actor, supporting actress, hire director, producer, visual director, write the treatment, story board, get props, soundstage, scenery, make up artist, wardrobe, sytlist, hair stylist, have rehearsals, rent studios, hold auditions, lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks, lol. Whoa!!  I am happy to say, today I made the calls to audition the man who will play my boyfriend in the video...I told them my name was Samantha, lol., I didn't want to freak them out.  I have to say so far, we have fantastic contenders for the part...okay, I can confess, not bad looking either, lol.

So it's after 3am now, and I'm wiped out, and I have to be up bright and early to record my next song (yes, in this business you MUST think WAY ahead) , but I wanted to fill you's been a little bit!  Okay, I love you, buh bye!


  1. First, $139 is not bad at all!! Could have been higher!! Next, can't wait till the STAY vuideo is finished- yes I know it will be a few months you are busy busy busy!! lol Good things come to those who wait!! XOXOXXOXOXO

  2. not bad with the ticket!! haha that's do-able. and chica if i was in ur situation and saw a handsome guy while in court,i would have done the same thing lol there ain't no problem with just looking if ur still single. i don't know why but i'm like shaking for you for when Navy Guy comes back lol. i just hope he doesn't do something he might regret, but not saying he will. can't wait to hear about him. i have strong feelings about things and sometimes they're right and sometimes they're wrong, but....the srong feelings are going towards on being right meaning that you will probably be on the show. still crossing fingers and praying for you but i'm thinking your in. oooo girl and if you ever need extras in your videos, i'm your girl!! lol would love to be in one! can't wait to hear your next song!! keep em coming! love ya!

  3. Hola Niña Linda... Congrats on ticket.. could have been worse and yes we all do learn the hard way, well most of us do, (jajaj) unfortunetly that's the way of the world. lol As far as the hottie, look, look and look again... el que no busca no encuentra... y el que no se deja ver bueno no I am happy for you and Navy Guy, those love affairs can be so magical, powerful, and don't forget wonderful material for writing amazing lyrics.

    Honestly about the show, I voted for you, of course...I honestly feel it's yours! If you want it, say it to the Universe. I'm gonna go back to THE SECRET here for a moment and don't wish, don't hope, just envision yourself there already. What are you wearing, what will you speak about, who will you interview and so on...and if it is meant for you, and it will manifest itself right before your very eyes and sooner than you think!

    I gotta run back to but if you ever need help writing, that's what I do as well as some PR assistance, I am your girl, I pretty much try to do it all.

    xoxo Buena Suerte

    Heidy Q.