Friday, July 16, 2010


Woke up feeling like a train hit me! I woke up 18 voicemails, 14 personal emails and a messy house.  Wow...gotta clean this mess!  But time for that. Why?  Because I have to pick up the movie script for my audition on Monday, I need to meet with management and I need to meet with the video production staff again to choose the actors to be in the video for Stay. Okay, I'm going to admit this, but it's not very pretty. Ready?  Slapped some deodorant on, had morning-after-curly-frizzy-I-got-no-time-to-do-my-hair, threw on a t-shirt, workout pants and sneakers and YES - that's right I left without a shower...I did do the Puerto Rican shower:  deodarant and lots of baby powder all over.  Jumped into my car and my day began.

I answered all the emails, commments from social sites, picked up the movie script and called the actors to let them know they were cast.  When I called the female actress & told her she was cast - she was excited..very cool.  Then I called the was a difficult call, my friends, why??? Because we did not choose the guy with the mystique...and....well...ok...don't think badly of me - but I felt attracted to him. Bad Judy! Bad girl!  The entire staff thought Mystique Guy would be the one, until the other guy walked in...we'll call him Best Guy. Everyone on the production staff was voting for Best Guy... I was completely torn. I thought they both looked good. I watched their screen tests over and over; looked at their photos over and over again and STILL could not decide.  I defended Mystique Guy, I tried to convince them all that he was the one...

Judy - STOP!
Thank God, I am intelligent. Well most of the time anyway.  I had to put my personal feelings aside because this is business.  I had to tell myself, it's not about who I find hot; it's about who would work best on camera, and honestly, it was Best Guy.  I stared at Mystique Guy's photo, reminding myself that in my personal life I never picked the right guy for me anyway, lol.  So I picked up the phone and called Best Guy.

"Hi, Best Guy?  This is Judy Torres."
"Oh, hi!!"
Just wanted you to know that we were down to two people and it has been a difficult decision.  We have decided that you got the part!..."

His excitement was so genuine and sweet - welll, I am beaming with pride that we made the right decision. He is tall, dark and handsome too - and he has a deepness about him that I believe will work for him on set and probably works for him in his life too! 

I'm still here at the production office...still lots to do:  Work on surprises for the future winners for the Stay Video Contest, order stuff, send out emails. Begin working on memorizing a scene for my audition on Monday, drive home, clean my home...oh yes, take a long, hot shower and thank God for the amazing momentum building in my life recently!!  Carpe Diem


  1. Don't fret cuz you still have mystique guy's contact info if you ever decide to make it personal lol!!

  2. lol awww u call it the PR shower. haha i do that @ times too when i want to go for a run in the morning. i'm so happy everything is working out for you! just gotta love that saying "good things comes to those who wait" cuz you fall right under it. good luck with your audition! hope they love you like we love you! and if you ever need help with the cleaning let me know! lol

  3. hello Judy 1st you don't ever want to get hit by a train it's horrific but if thats the comparision I understand real bad feeling...I could never leave to work without at least letting some water run down my ass LOL and washing my private parts but I'm sure you smell sweet all over uuummm lol as for mystique later for him I'm the guy your looking for lol like leslie mg said you have his info you can always call him and take him out for coffee tell him it's a runner up reward...with all the fans accumalating your gonna need an assitance soon your not gonna have enough time to take care of your personel business at home and answer all of your mail i'm looking to roommate with someone wink wink lol jking oh I can even help you bathe LOL well take it a little easy at least enough time for a shower take care I know you have a sense of humor good luck in the filming GOD BLESS U....