Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes, Preparing for Stay: Did You Say "Contest?"

Today was a blur, but damn, it was an exciting day!!! From the moment I woke up, there was not a moment of peace.  The day sort of went like this:  Woke up, showered, answered emails, tweeted, vocal warm up, rehearsed song, drove to Brooklyn, recorded for 4 1/2 hours like my life depended on it, drove to production office to review photos & resumes of actors and actresses auditioning for the video tomorrow, called management, got messages, drove home, gave a friend in crisis advice for an hour, cleaned the house, oh, shoot, I forgot to pick up my new publicity pictures...where was I?

Yes...answered emails, checked facebook, revised the script for tomorrow and writing this blog.  I still have to memorize my lines for the auditions!  This is so exciting!  Tomorrow there will be 3 women and 11 men coming to audition for the video for the new single, Stay.  We're looking to cast a man to play my boyfriend/husband of another and a woman to play his wife.  Although the part of the wife is a minor role, we need her.  And casting the man will be very important. We want to be sure there is good chemistry on camera between the two of us. We, the director and his staff, have made it clear we want it to be believeable that this man would be my boyfriend...not too young or too old. 

Today I stopped by the production studio to take a look at the photos and resumes of actors auditioning tomorrow.  May I just say that there are some BEAUTIFUL people in New York and New Jersey!!!  I mean, wow!  Not only are they beautiful, but they were all so pleasant on the phone.  I have to admit it's been fun searching for the right ones; wondering what they will be like when the "pictures" come to life.  I wish you could be a fly on the wall tomorrow, lol!

Anyway, I have to memorize my lines now...I haven't acted in a long time....I'm really nervous and at the same time, I am SO confident that the right people will show up tomorrow and we will have what we need for the next step.  By the way, the man I met in court yesterday called me today...AND he's single!! Hurray!!  There was only small talk because I was so busy, but I'll keep you posted on that one!  Navy Guy called today too, but I missed  his call, darn!!

In case you've not heard, we are conducting a contest where three fans (and a guest per winner) will win a spot to have VIP access to the filming of the Stay video, meet and greet with me and a special giveaways as well. If you're interested, visit  PLEASE BE SURE TO READ  the rules for entry and finally email your photo with your information to - that is the email address needed to submit your entry. It's going to be so much fun, and interesting for us to have that kind of experience together!  Going to rehearse, my throat is killing me! Okay, I love you, buh bye!


  1. PLEASE slow down!! lol Take time to smell the flowers lol!! Yes I am VERY GLAD you are so busy!! xoxox

  2. I'm working on my entry!! Looking forward to completing this project for you. The video sounds great with the acting/drama thrown in.

    Glad the "Court Guy" called. There's always someone around the corner. :)