Sunday, July 25, 2010


Thursday, July 15th:
I was really anticipating the day because it was the day we auditioned the actors for the Stay Video.  You already know we chose a woman to play the wife, and a man to play the husband...remember I called hmi "Best Guy?"  LOL.  It was shortly after the auditioning, that I was asked for my email address by the director of the Stay Video.  It was an exhausting day because we auditioned everyone; did a screen test, had dinner and debated for almost 3 hours who would be best to play the boyfriend.  I got home late.  It was close to 1am.  I cleaned up a little around the house, and was going to bed...but I checked my email on a whim.  Here is an excerpt:

Dear Judy Torres

My good friend Javier Rosa just passed your info on to me. Javier is working on my feature, "Elliot Loves" and suggested you to us for the role of "Aunt Carmen."

The script for "Elliot Loves" has won several awards. The film stars Elena Goode ("As the World Turns") and two-time Tony Award nominee Robin de Jesus ("In the Heights" and "La Cage Aux Folles"). Kerry Barden -- who cast "Pineapple Express", "Boys Don't Cry" and the TV series "Sex and the City" -- is our casting director. We are now half-done with the recast the role of "Aunt Carmen." When Javier suggested you, we all thought it was a great idea - and would love to meet with you to discuss.  Please look through the script above. "Aunt Carmen" first appears on page 34. If you are interested, you can come in and meet with me informally at our offices...Terracino.

OH, MY GOD!  All that exhaustion I had felt went on immediate vacation.  I read the 97 pages of script and when I read Aunt Carmen, her character was GREAT!!  She was funny, strong, vibrant, reminding me of so many latina relatives and friends I've come across in life. I HAD to have that part!!  I emailed back around 2:30 in the morning, expressing my joy & interest.  The writer/director. Gary Terracino, emailed me immediately and a date for a reading/audition was made for Monday, July 19th. Less than a week away...less than a week to read, and re-read, to study her character, to decide who she is, etc...all while still preparing for the video, answering fan mail, working at KTU AND performing.  No problem, I can do this...I HAVE to do this.  I used a quote on Facebook not too long ago, stating that it's not just about the opportunity that shows up, but more about whether or not you're ready. I thought, I will be ready.

In high school, I was in all the musicals - I LOVE musical theater, and in college, I studied acting for 2 1/2 years...begain auditioning and always got called back, but never quite landed the parts I wanted.  So, here I am now, probably almost 15 years since I've auditioned for anything.  Thank God I was kind to all the people who auditioned that day, because karma does show up when you least expect it.

Wow...I could be in a movie; a REAL movie - with accomplished actors and award winning script!  This could be the beginning of GREAT things to come!  I might even get a SAG card, allowing me to audition for lots of other projects!!  Yes!! Oh, yes, I emailed Javier Rosa, the make up artist, to thank him profusely for even mentioning my name - he only met me one time!  That is, pardon my french, so freaking sweet of him!!!  I am so honored by his kindness!  Be good to people you meet the first time, you never  That is just amazing!  God is so good!!!

If you'd like info on the movie and/or would like to find out how to help fund the completion of the film, dn even get credit as a producer, please click this link. Muah!


  1. Awesome news! I love life and all the roads it takes us on. I am enjoying my journey and I can see you are enjoying yours too. I love reading your blog and sharing everything with us. Thank you for that. Good luck with the project! xoxox

  2. In high school, I was in all the musicals - I LOVE musical theater, and in college, I studied acting for 2 1/2 years- DID NOT KNOW THIS!!! Wow you ARE SO MULTITALENTED!!!
    I grew up going to many Broadway shows since the 1960s!! TONS AND TONS OF GOOD LUCK!!! XOXXOX