Saturday, July 24, 2010


Please forgive me...I'm very behind with blogging. The day was July 10th, 2010...

I was performing with the band, Mirage, at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ for a wedding reception.  During our soundcheck, when I was stepping down these 3 little stairs, I noticed the first two steps were slightly tilted downward and the last step to the ground was a larger space from the previous two.  Hm, I thought, that could be dangerous.  I was careful to ask one of the men from Mirage to help me down.  I was walking toward the exit to go to the restroom and BAM! I tripped over this large metal pole that is responsible for holding up the light set.  So I laughed at myself the way I always do when I trip.  Truth is all my life, I've been known to be quite the Puerto Rican Erkel!!  - I always tripped over my own feet, walked into lamp posts and am infamously nown for not being able to walk a straight line whenever any of my ex-boyfriends walked with me sisde by side.  It's as if I walking after 3 or 4 shots, except I haven't had any. LOL.  A few minutes later, I was walking toward the stage, and you guessed it, I tripped again, OVER THE SAME POLE! But this time I fell.  One of the band members who I call Uncle Ralph didn't see me fall.  But he looked down and saw me on the floor....AND KEPT WALKING!!  I was like, um "hello, hello anyone I"m on the floor!"  LOL.

We had just finished a GREAT set in front of about 250 people! We were taking a break, and I changed into my flip-flops, and you know I'm known for putting on the chancletas when my feet ache.  While I was changing, the band members began moving into the other room for a dinner break.  I have the flip flops on and I look at those 3 little steps.  I tell myself, Judy, be careful and take your time.  There is no bannister or anything to hold on to. No big got this."  I felt like Britney Spears because as I was falling in what felt like slow motion, all I heard in my mind was, "Oops, I think I did it again."  BOOM!! I went down, this time with my left ankle completely betraying me and turning inward COMPLETELY!  Aw, damn, this is gonna be bad.  I couldn't move because the burning sensation was just too much to take.  I just couldn't find it in me to get up. As I cursed myself for being so careless after forewarning myself, I looked up and noticed that in the crowd of 250 people - NO ONE SAW ME!!  I felt so freaking invisible!!  Um, hello, anybody? Is chivalry dead?  But perhaps it was a blessing because it save me more embarrasment anyway.  Suddenly I look to my left and I saw Mauro, our band director and pianist. Like a true Italian, he says, "Eh, Judy, what are you doing on the floor??"  God, this was THE moment to be sarcastic. I wanted to say, "Duh, You think??? I fell!"  But I left out the "duh-you think" and just said, "I fell." 

Mauro was as compassionate as could be.  He assisted me up and walked me into the room where the band was having dinner, and everyone said, "Oh, my God, Judy! What happened?" I told them I fell for the 3rd and 4th embarrassing time, and then Uncle Ralph, with the timing of a sitcom, says, "Is that why you were on the floor???"  LOL "I thought you were changing your shoes?"  I thought to myself...on the floor?? LOL           

Here's where the funny part gets serious! On average I am pretty clumsy, but when I become too clumsy, it can be a warning sign for me.  The last time I bumped into, tripped over, and fell onto a lot of things all in one day, about a week later, I had my first attack of optic neuritis. In English, the nerve in my brain that allows me to see became so inflamed that I went blind in that eye.  It caused irreversible damage to the nerve and to this day, I don't see too well out of that eye. I cannot read with it at all.  My point is, the optic neuritis put me in the hospital, where MRIs were done, and I was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  So yes, it's funny when I start bumping into things and fall down for stupid reasons, but no, it's not funny when it makes me wonder if an attack is coming on.  That is what I have to be wary attack can come about when the body is overstressed or when the mind is overstressed, and I've been stressed in both ways for almost 2 months now.  Once the filming of the video is done and Beatstock has passed, I MUST take a couple of days to do nothing. Falling down's not so bad, I just don't want it to get me down, know what I mean?


  1. I just wanna give you a big hug and tell you everything's gonna be alright. I think you need a soak in a bubble bath too. That should help ease the stress.


  2. oh wow!! May I make a suggestion? That you EDUCATE EACH of your band members on MS and the effects that it can cause YOU so they may be on the lookout? Again they are men and they were hungry lol but still it is NO excuse to MAKE SURE Judy Torres is safe and ok AT ALL TIMES!!! Dang if I was there I would have rushed to help you cause my eyes would have never left you!! Because I love you - my other FAVORITE celebrity singer (along with the Exposé girls). HUGE XOXOXXOOXOXOOX love Leslie

  3. Oh wow! I think sometimes you need to just put things aside and take care of yourself. Remember, you have to come first, otherwise you will be unable to help others. Take care mama... Love yah!