Friday, June 25, 2010


I had dropped my car off for repairs yesterday, determined to get my car inspected.  I had just realized the imspection expired last week.  My intention was to pick up the car, go to my mother's house to get her meds to control her diabetes (she ran out of money & I didn't want her to get sick as her blood sugar kept crashing.) and then go bring the car for inspection. The representative from the dealership said, "Judy, you know your inspection is expired." "Yes," I replied, "I just have to go see my mom and then I'm going to take care of it."

You know that saying, "No good deed goes unpunished?"  Well today my good intentions were punished again.  I just got on the parkway, and noticed traffic was so backed up.  Hm, I wondered...wonder what's up?  Next thing I know there's an officer signaling me to pull over. I knew instantly I was done.

"License and registration, ma'am."
I hand him my license.
"Insurance card."
I hand it to him too.
"You have an expired inspection sticker."
"Yes.  I know.  I just came from the dealership getting repairs done.  I know you hear this all the time..."
I told myself to shut up; that it would only fall on deaf ears, but I kept it up.
"But I was going to get it inspected today. That's why I got the repairs...I even have the receipt so you can see the work...even replaced all four tires, etc."
The officer looked at my tires.
"I'll be right back."

And that's when you pray.
Dear God, You KNOW  I was going to bring it in.  PLEASE, let him spare me. I promise once I leave Mom's I'll do it....please, please.please."
My prayer was interrupted.

"Here's your paperwork..Here's your ticket."
And then he dealt me a final blow: in an arrogant, sarcastic tone he delivers his exit statement:
"Judy Torres, huh?  Judy Torres is a big name!" that a trick statement?  Do I acknowledge that I am Judy Torres, you know, freestyle singer, radio personality?  Do I offer some sort of bargain:  I'll give you a shout out?  LOL...I think that would be ridiculous.  Please note:  I NEVER throw my name around, unless I am instructed to because I'm on a guest list.  I even wait on lines when I go to clubs.  I know you don't believe it, but unless someone from the club recognizes me and brings me in, I do not jump the line.  In conclusion, I didn't throw my name around, why is he?  So what intelligent thing do I say to the officer?

"Just because my name is big it doesn't make me any less guilty, Sir."

DUH!!! DUH!! DUH!!!

I drove away with a yellow ticket that looked as if it had been stored for 10 years...and then it came.  The tears.  I cried....I drove away telling myself it wasn't a big deal...but I HATE getting into trouble.  My inner child is such a freaking goody-two-shoes, I can't stand it sometimes.  And then, to add more humor to it, with my blue tooth in my ear. I called my mommy!!  LOL!  And I cried more.  And then I realized the truth of my crying:  I AM VERY TIRED!!

I am sleep deprived!
I am tired!
I am worried about my new single; whether or not it will get on the radio!
I am worried about my mom's health!
I am worried that I can't keep up with my own life!
I am tired of feeling pulled in 5 different directions at the same time!
I am overwhelmed that I can't keep up!
I am tired of my same surroundings!
I am HOR...I mean I'm frisky!! (Ooh, did I think that out loud?)

Okay, I'll stop now.  Too much information - sorry! But when the tears dried up, I came home and told myself one day at a time, one moment at a time, and I can only do what I can do as long as I do my best at it all.  I packed my bag for Miami tomorrow and tomorrow night I'll be back onstage, leaving people the impression that  I have a glamorous and perfect life.  When in reality, I got a freaking ticket!!!  LOL ...goodnight, my followers! Sweet dreams!    



  1. AWW POOR BABY!! Just hope it was not an expensive (over $100) ticket!!!! It is not the worst thing inthe world- yes a bit aggravated but not the worst!! Remember at the END OF THE MONTH, cops EVERYWHERE are out in force- think they gotta have certain MINIMUM tickets per month served quota or next time be VERY careful between the 25th - 30/31 of the month lol!! XOXO

  2. First I want to marry you!LOL You are such an amazing woman bendito don't even know where to start oh the horny part LOL...First I always throw my weight around if I get stopped first thing I say i'm a train operater nyc transit 9 out of 10 be on my way not that i've been stopped that many times but once in a while we do dumb things and if your a celebrity why pay the ticket your gonna get the inspection done anyway as a matter of fact you should mail the ticket not guilty with a copy of the inspection receipt should be dismissed or reduced. Your worries are normal. my mom is 77 I worry 4her all the time my job,my grown children, were i live these are normal feelings but with someone by your side to share with you these moments can be less stressfull so i'm proposing for a date! also you need to relax a bit we rush thru our lives so fast we need that down time to refocus and crying relieves some stress I'll loan you my shoulder my ear my heart you have already! well GOD Bless you and MOM and keep you both safe! love you! JUDY come take a ride with me one day!

  3. aww Judy, sorry bout the ticket. but it's great to kno that you can be there for your mom. i kno you're very, very tired so you still gotta try and take it easy. you shouldn't worry too much about the other things, that brings your stress faster and that's definitely draining you. i kno you can keep up with anything! and let the tears flow cuz it was you who said it helps as a relief. and to cheer you up, i can be your honorary daughter, the daughter you always wanted, that will be here for you like you are with your mother lol. give your mom my best and i hope she feels better! love u!!

  4. Darn that sucks pero keep your head up cause if you put it down you will keep attracting bad.....I am sure you understand the Law of Attraction... So be grateful for what u have now and great things will happen in the future.....If I ever met you, I will sing to you your old school hit Come into My Arms baby I know how you feel.....;o) will be alright mamita...

  5. He threw your name around because he thinks that you getting a ticket would be no big deal to you. But here's the bigger picture: The money you spend on that ticket is money well spent. Why? Because you were on your way to take care of your mother! You didn't make her wait while you went to get your car inspected. You have your priorities straight, and you will be rewarded for that at the end of the day.


  6. Hey mama keep ur head up! NY's finest!!! LOL... if it's any consolation...Saw u at the concert in Miami last night & YOU WERE AWESOME!!! :)