Friday, June 11, 2010

Last year's Birthday

Last year, I was reflecting back on my life, and made a very impulsive decision to treat myself to something on my birthday.  So, I looked at my vision board.  Vision boards are boards that you create, filling it with pictures and things of dreams you have for your life. The idea is that you draw them to you via the Law of Attraction, something I truly believe in.  I made this board almost two years ago, and looked at it...on my board are things like Grammy Awards, a home of my dreams, a new car, a woman with a great body and all sorts of places I dream of visiting, including Italy, Spain, Ireland, Alaska (yea, Alaska!) and Sedona, Arizona - otherwise known as Red Rock Country. Because the mountains and landscape are so rich in iron, they are red in color, with the intensity of red like bricks!  Everytime I looked at the picture on my board, I thought to myself:  there's no way in the world something so beautiful could be here

I got tired of dreaming and a couple of weeks before my birthday, I looked on the internet, bravely booked a flight to Phoenix, reserved a rental car...and days before my 41st birthday, I took myself on a three day vacation.  BY MYSELF!!!  I knew the second I clicked "book flight" it was the right thing.  Three days before my birthday, there I was on a flight to Phoenix...I was seated in the middle and the man to my left and woman to my right told me all about Sedona and what to do, where to go.

I landed in Phoenix - 95 degrees!  Woohoo...rented a gorgeous car, in red of course, and drove an hour and a half from Phoenix to Sedona.  Thanks to my GPS, it was so easy.  The weather was truly humidity and the sun just shining.  The speed limit on the highway was 75mph!  Yes!!  I put my ipod in the car, and played the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire - the song, Jai favorite. It means Victory!!!  I went up the mountains, and the view was incredible.  I sang, I thought about how just a few hours ago, I was in New  Oh hour and 25 min later, I was wondering where this Red Rock place was...I was sad I hadn't seen it.  And just as I was thinking it was not existent, I saw it.  Turned the corner...RED ROCKS, no - RED MOUNTAINS!  Everywhere!!  It was beautiful. I wanted to pull over, but there were signs everywhere stating, pulling over not allowed.  Guess I wasn't the first person.

In those 3 days, I went to the BEST restaurant in my lifetime, took a hiking trip with a medicine woman, saw hawks, went hiking, saw a church that will bring tears to anyone's eyes, bought lots of Native American stuff (my favorite things next to angels), went for a spiritual reading, even went karaoke singing (I know, you think it's cheating but I sang "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood & "Falling by Alicia Keys", and never wanted to come home. 

When I returned on my birthday, my mother threw me an intimate party with my family and that evening, my friends mustered up the courage to take me to a country western bar, Colorado Cafe, and tood me line dancing...even rode a mechanical bull!  It was truly the BEST!  Why?  Because I didn't cry, "poor me, no one will take me anywhere..." I took charge and was daring.  Also because I tried something new, and when I tell you we laughed so hard we cried, it was all worth it.  I got on  that mechanical bull first...and I was so proud of myself. It gave me a sense of courage and I don't regret it at all.

So this Sunday is my birthday...I have to work so I am a bit limited to what I can do...but I will make my birthday the day I have a bit more free time, lol.  This year, I think I want to go on a hot air balloon ride OR make out with a man with an English accent !!!!   Okay, okay, I'll do the hot air balloon ride!  I notice I am happiest when I am a little daring, not stupid, just daring.  So if you have any ideas, let me know...'cause to be honest, I am a little sad about turning 42. Nothing wrong with it, and I surely dont' feel old, but my God, everyone in this busineess, seems to think so.  Ladies, Gentlemen, here's to not being afraid of trying something different. Here's to trying something new!! Screw 42!! LOL                


  1. I'll go with you on that hot air balloon ride!

  2. similar to what I did for my birthday (May 22)- did NOT want to stay home- knew I would cry lol.. so spent weekend with my former college dorm mates from 1974-75- campus had an all class reunion- not many showed but 5 girls and I did show up and we had a really cool weekend of catching up, drinking, music - and the girls and other alumni sang the birthday song to me 3x!!!.. not a really daring thing but I really am glad I went!! XOXO

  3. It’s great you don’t feel old bcuz to me age ain’t nothing but a number! lol u don’t even look old so it’s a win-win situation as well! I would say, since you’re not afraid of heights and you should discover the adrenaline in you, why not come to my theme park and ride all of our amazing rides!! If someone knows that they can do anything they put their mind to, then you will never be too old to ride amusement park rides. There may be a down side of might being seen in a public place like that and being disturbed but trust me, you will have the time of your life!! Idk just throwing something out there for ya!

  4. Hey I'm 46 and will be taking my first trip by myself! I commend you for taking that leap to make that trip to Sedona by yourself and enjoy yourself! I vote for the hot air balloon even though it is now too late on your birthday to do it! Enjoy! You deserve it!

  5. HI JUDY last year I went to phoenix to visit my niece and two little nieces we took a day to visit the grand canyon it was beautiful awesome I was in awe of GODS creation after spending a couple of hours there we started to make our way back to phoenix however we were going to make a stop in sedona well my visit there was brief cause it was getting dark and my nieces were tire so this year when I was visiting I decided I was going to sedona and I went alone music playing JUDY TORRES GH LOL when I arrived I pulled into a little lot to take pictures and bought some souveniers from the native american as I drove along the road I would pull over and take pictures also took pictures of the chapel that seems to be built into the rocks jus a awesome display of beauty. I went into town parked the car and went to the chamber of commerce where I picked up pamplets and was given some sight seenin guide but I was pressed for time it was friday and I had a dinner date scheduled with my niece so I bought some more souveniers and had lunch late that antelope burger I had told you about before lol but I'd would have perfered to had visited with someone and share in the moment will probably visit one more time but spend a few days there and revisit the grand canyon hiking is outta the question for now I'm outta shape well on a final note if you have time to read there a book bury my heart at wounded knee by dee brown covers the period from 1860 to 1890 and how the american army killed the wives men and children of the native american scalped them betrayal them it's a sad read but factual it will bring tears. Well judy wish you the best take care and hope you find the love of your life your a wonderful woman GOD BLESS YOU!!