Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Dates in Less Than a Week!

So my date on Sunday night, I believe, was a success!  My date, I'll call him, Joe, showed up exactly 8:00pm, on the dot-good sign of general respect of people's time!  We got to the restaurant, where he showed all the signs of a gentleman:  opened the door, pulled up the chair for me, etc. The conversation was good and I noticed a bit of shyness on his part.  Eye contact is something I look for in the very first conversation.  If the windows are truly the eyes of the soul, I need to look into the soul.  If you can't show eye contact, either you are really nervous, or you are hiding something.  Everything was going great

He received a call (he did apologize and explained he had to take the call), and within 15 minutes we were joined on our first date by a co-worker.  Huh?  I didn't mind partly because I can tell a lot by the friends' company they keep and partly because we'd already had the main course and just finished dessert.  But how could the night possibly end in a romantic way? LOL.  Well, I did appreciate the conversation.  I still walked away hoping for date number two, and he had a very sweet friend.  We shall see.

My second date this week was with my gorgeous 4 year old niece, who I endearingly call my Bug-a-Boo.  I picked her up for a day with Titi Judy (Auntie Judy). We drove from upstate New York and had brunch with my friend, Lee.  Remember him?  LOL. We've surprisingly become friends and I truly enjoy his company, conversation and his unspoken charm.  Okay, yes I admit it.  I find him to be allurningly attractive.  No, nothing's happened...yet. LOL.  Okay, back to my niece.

We sang her favorite song in the car, Jai-Ho, the theme song from Slum-Dog Millionaire....Twelve times!  She thinks I am the funniest girl in the world.  We got to the house and she played with my cats, discovered that they can give you one mean scratch, and we played 3 games of Candyland.  We got into our pajamas and I read her 2 books: Dora and Fancy Nancy.  Our fun was turned into drama when at midnight, she threw up and came down with a fever of 102.9.  As I cleaned up aftter her, changed the sheets, gave her tylenol and tucked her in, this is what she said to me:  "Titi.  You are so pretty.  And I love you.  You know how much I love you, titi?"  "How much?"  I ask with a smile.  "I love you all the way to Africa, back to Puerto Rico and all the way to the heavens."  Then she kissed me and fell fast asleep.            

 It was the end of a perfect date...and that is the kind of date I'll take anyday - because with her, she thinks I'm perfect! 


  1. HELLO JUDY ! Interesting date I don't understand sometimes how a guy is going on a date with a woman and is going to have a friend join the party lol even if my friend was just happen to be passing by I would not invite him to join us if your the focus of my evening I would be most diplomatic in dismissing him or her for that matter and yes i'm sure I be gazing into those beautiful eye's of yours and welcome you to see my soul! Your date could be shy and or intimadated by a beautiful woman due to insecurities..Your second date was beautiful I have to say I laughted when she said she loved you to AFRICA back to PUERTO RICO and all the way to heavens..THATS A LOTTA LOVE! You must be a lot of fun to be with your such a beautiful person! Well if you can ever squeeze me lol in your busy schedule I most definitely would like a date but I must remind you I'm a little chunky lol well take care your friend Jose the trian guy LOVE YOU