Sunday, March 7, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To?

It's going to be an exciting Oscar night.  I'm sure it will be full of are my picks, you may or may not agree:

Best Picture:  AVATAR, because, my God, it was just visually stunning.  It took 5 years to complete...that's what I call having a vision and seeing it through!!!  James Cameron beat his own record for the hightest grossing movie of all time!  It is also a movie that involved many issues including how we treat the environment, romance outside of our own race, spirituality, forgiveness and recognizes that throughout history we have "invaded" other's countries and destroyed life along the way!  If Avatar does not win, my second pick is PRECIOUS!

Best Supporting Actor:  Stanley Tucci.  Someone PLEEEASSE recognize what a GREAT actor he is.  He has an uncanny talent of transforming into always different and unique characters in all his movies. Most of the time it takes a minute before you catch yourself saying, "Oh!  That's Stanley Tucci??  Wow!"  I saw him both in Julie and Julia and The Lovely Bones..come on....just give it to the guy!!  My second pick is Woody Harrelson, another unrecognized great actor.

Best Supporting Actress:  Um, Hellooooo!  Mo'Nique.  She won the oscar at her first line in Precious!  She is a survivor, a fighter, and she's been through so much.  No, no one should win becuase they've overcome obstacles, but did you see her raw talent?  Not anyone could have pulled off the angst of a dysfunctional abusor and find the truth withihn that kind of soul.  My second pick is Penelope Cruz. She just lights up the screen everytime.

Best Actor:  Ooh, this is a hard one.I'm almost certain Jeff Bridges will get it, and that won't bother me.  I know he's been in the game, unrecognized, for a long time. I would choose Colin Firth, as this is a stretch for him, so unlike all his other roles, but give it to Jeff...he sings in it too?!  Can you blame me?  LOL

And here's what everyone is talking about:
Best Actress:  There is a part of me that hopes Sandra Bullock gets it. Must every "best actress"  have mascara bleeding down her face? Must they all be scared and in the midst of heightened stress?  Maybe not. Sandra is so natural and sometimes because of that she is underestimated.  But I have to admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Merryl Streep!  She was phenomenal in Julie and Julia - just literally transformed herself.  Then there is brand-spanking new to the acting world, Gabony Sidibe in Precious!  Wow...what a performance for someone so young.  This movie was absolutely difficult to watch.  You could FEEL her pain right through the screen.  It is not easy to portray someone who's had such an ongoing history of incest and abuse.  She gave a voice to all those young ladies who don't have one.  Besides, she's chunky and funky just like me...I gotta have my girl's back! And Helen Mirren - I see all of her movies!  I just love her....that simple.  Oh!  My pick?  LOL...I have no idea...I'll be happy for any of these four!  But if you twist my arm, I'll route for Sandra...I hate all the negative press she's getting; calling her untalented...I hate haters!

I know everyone cares about what they're wearing and who's designed the gowns, but I just care about who holds the award and that they have that one surreal moment that changes their careers forever!  Good luck to all!           

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