Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bachelor - DANGER OR SAFETY?

So I confess.  I was one of the many who watched the finale of The Bachelor.  Call it a guilty pleasure or an absolute mind-numbing event to escape reality, but I watched it.  Truth is, of all The Bachelors, Jake has been my favorite.  It's not just his looks...I don't think I've ever dated a blonde pilot, who rides a motorcycle with washboard abs, lol, but he has what I haven't seen on reality in a long time:  integrity.  And I want to reveal this:  I loved a man named Jake once myself.  It didn't last very long, but he was a GOOD man with integrity, character and charisma.  I wonder from time to time where he may be.  I wonder if he's found happiness, or if he finally married and has a gorgeous kid now.  But enough...I passed him up once.  I wasn't ready at the time, as I met him when I was still grieving a breakup.  Didn't want him to be the rebound guy. I knew he deserved better than that.  There I go, drifting again.  LOL

So Jake needed to choose between Tenley and Vienna.  Tenley is beautiful, well-grounded, polite, attentive, expressive, and she got along with Jake's family...Tenley - safe!  Vienna is beautiful, well-grounded, polite, attentive, a little less secure, a little guarded with Jake's family...Vienna - dangerous!  Who did Jake choose?  Vienna!  Normally we women get accused of choosing the "bad" boy, but here the tables are turned.  Jake is a good guy.  He chose the girl everyone disliked.  He chose to go against the current of what was popular. But although I really thought Tenley was a more stable choice, I am unable to judge Jake's decision.

Whether Jake's family accepted Vienna as easily as they did Tenley is not the issue.  Yes, life is easier when your family approves of your mate, however, it is Jake's ultimate decision.  Although Vienna is quite young, and at times comes across quite innocent and naive, I believe her feelings for him are genuine.  At the end of the day, they felt something that Jake did not feel with Tenley - CHEMISTRY.  Who knows what is is that ultimately makes us choose who we do, but it's either there or not.  Chemistry is the mystery.  We love mystery.  I think at the end of the day, some dark secret part of our soul needs to learn lessons about ourselves.  We can only really learn that when someone in our life challenges us.  And I think Vienna will somehow bring passion, chemistry and challenge to him.  I also think that Vienna's slight, demure insecurity brought about an innocence that stirred up in Jake what all men want to feel. 

All men need to feel like a real man - they need to feel a woman NEEDS them to PROTECT them.  That is what was missing with Tenley. Oh, yes, and I seem to be leaving out the obvious:  Men are visual, they MUST feel the sexual energy and Jake and Vienna had that from the word GO.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know .

I trust Jake's judgment.  What will be will be, and tonight I pray for Tenley as in my life, I've been a "Tenley" and was not chosen because some cute girl did not have my same strength, lol lol.  Good luck to all!  Congtatulations, Jake!  LOL...did I really watch The Bachelor...Again???     

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