Saturday, April 3, 2010

He's Gay? No Me Diga!! So What!

Many years ago, there was so much undying speculation that Ricky Martin was gay.  My reaction at the time?  So what!!  So many years ago, the media constantly bombarded this very talented young man, who they themselves put on a big pedestal.  And somehow that same media monster who builds people up -  well, they just couldn't wait to take him down.  It appears the media sometimes searches for that one thing that may be considered an Achilles heel...and with that, they bury the talent they once discovered and resurrected onto the great pedestal of celebrity!

Back then, Ricky Martin, neither confirmed nor denied his sexual preference.  And it was that decision, his decision to keep his private life private, that ultimately, in my opinion, hurt his career permanently.  The media wanted to make a circus of the story, and he wouldn't oblige them.  They punished him and we barely ever hear his dear voice on the airwaves anymore.

Now, today, he has come out. He has admitted he is gay.  My reaction at this time?  So what!!!  LOL..I mean, I am happy that he has admitted his sexuality, but it's the same as losing weight:  you only do it for yourself, not for others!  So, yes, I'm proud of him now, but I was just as proud then, because I respected that he demanded his private life be his own. 

I have a lot of gay friends, I have a lot of straight friends, I have a lot of flawed friends and I have perfect ones or straight - I love them all, and I do believe it is such a private matter to come out to your family.  Some of my friends have lost loved ones becuase they decided to stand in their truth.  And many people have committed suicide becuase they felt pressure to conform, to deny, to hide...or they came out and were ultimately rejected.  So if any of you are reading this, and this is what you face, please know I am on your side to be true to who you are, whether you want to do it privately or publicly!  It is not my business what you are behind closed doors.  As long as you are not hurting yourself or others, I stand here with you always standing by your side!            


  1. I love Ricky Martin, and I am happy for him. But I have so many mixed emotions over the whole revelation. I know what it feels like to lift the weight off himself. But at the same time I find it sad that he felt that he had broadcast it to the world they way he did. Has there ever been a straight person that held a press conference to announce their heterosexuality? It's just another set of rules gay people have to navigate their lives through.

  2. In life poeple are who are they are and others need to respect that. Ricky I am proud of you! and I respect the fact that you are human no matter what choices and paths you take. Judy you are the ABSOLUTE BEST!