Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm sorry... Did I do something wrong in a past life?  Did I rub someone the wrong way centuries ago?  Was I a player in another era of humankind??  Read on.

So I'm at a wedding I was invited too, and I was having a great time. I was dancing to Pitbull, "...we got the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn..." I had finished singing a few minutes beforehand, my gift to the couple.  Although I was told I didn't have to sing, I can see it in their eyes; they're secretly hoping, willing it to happen anyway.  When on stage I commented, "Although I was told to just be a guest, that I didn't have to sing, that's like inviting the Pope to the ceremony and telling him he doesn't have to give a blessing, lol!"  Okay, so back to the dancing...

So I have just the right amount of perspiration glistening down my back, and I sit to eat.  I cut the first piece of salmon, and just as my salivary glands are activated, "Judy, don't mean to bother you, but can you please take a picture with me?"  I will never say no, so the salmon will have to wait.  I'm taking picture after picture, and suddenly...

There's a man! With a pulse!!!

A good looking, mature, well-dressed (I know it's a wedding), handsome, well-spoken man right behind me, and to my surprise he initiates contact.  At first I thought he was being a fan, but as the conversation progressed, I sensed something else.  He had intense eyes, a lovely voice, and a presence to kill for.  Intense.  Yes, that's the word. He complimented me, "You are a beautiful woman...why never married?...stunning..." More words were exchanged so I said, "Umm...are you flattering me? " "Yes," he smiled.  "Are you flirting with me?'  "Absolutely," he added.  Oh s*&^t!!  Wow.  He was around my age, and yet he had a vibrant youth to him...yep, I'm drawn - I'm attracted.  And then I look down.


So I had another show that same night, where I bumped into a handsome man whom I have been atrracted to for years, but never confessed it.  We'll call him Lee. Lee and I somewhat flirted mildly, and then he admitted to me that he'd shown interest in the past before, but I didn't entertain it.  Hm, as I thought about it, I realized it was because I was in a relationship at the tiime.  Anyway, long story short, we spent almost 3 hours in deep conversation, and it was a GREAT conversation.  I'm not just talking about the type of conversation where you both know you're attracted, so you're not really're just wondering if he'll kiss you or not.  Not that type.  It was a conversation full of a variety of intelligent topics, seasoned with laughter and sweet smiles.  Just as I ask him, "So, since you value honesty...what's your story?"  "Meaning?" he asks.  "Meaning, do you have a girlfriend?"  And then he responds in a  silent pause...Yep, he has a girlfriend!  I hate those bittersweet feelings of what-ifs, and darn, if only, etc.  I can honestly say she's a damned lucky girl, and I hope she notices!  LOL

You may think it a random occurence, however, I have to be honest and say this happens to me a LOT!!!  Is there a sign on my back that says,"Stupid...Married men, taken men, come hither?"  I mean, really!!!

So, let's turn the lemons into lemonade:  Two men were interested in one night - my ego was mildly stroked.  I had a chance to discuss politics, religion and there was no blood shed.  I talked about reading, books, life, relationships and I didn't have to fight octopus hands.  I found a friend, I think, with whom I exhanged sincere smiles. I got to bring the salmon home.  I laughed in the ferocious rain, AND I felt my first blush of spring...on my cheeks!

So if there is such a thing as a past life, and I did indeed really hurt a lot of people, I now, duly apologize.  I'm sorry, Lo siento!!  LOL...ah, what can you do?  


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  1. My dear, it happens. You got to admit that you are beautiful and that there is someone out there for you. Let god bring him to you. Keep yah head up! and Stay sweet but next time eat the salmon were a guest!

    Love yah!