Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hanging on to Hopeful

So Friday night I was in Queens performing.  Was a great night because SO many people showed...and a not-so-great show because the microphone was just, well, hm...if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. LOL.  After the show there was a meet and greet, and I took pictures, signed autographs, hugged and laughed with the fans. I took a picture with a man...tall, dark, handsome, and after he walked away, I considered him attractive and thought, " that's a man! LOL", but I said nothing.  Little did I know that he had a similar reaction.  He texted a mutual friend (I didn't know they knew each other) asking if I was "available."  He told a friend and he told another, and so on and so on.  Well, long story short, we have a date...

I thought about the recent 1st dates I've had...lots of first dates - no seconds or  It makes me wonder sometimes if I'll ever land a keeper, you know, if I'll ever meet the leading man! I know it will happen...

Chemistry is a hard, quirky and unpredictable thing.  Sometimes the chemistry is there, but you have nothing in common.  And then sometimes you have so much in common, but there is no chemistry.  That's basically what's happened lately...

I also heard my friend comment that night saying, "I heard he's a good guy...he's Latino too!"  And then I got that face that everyone gives me - like, "Yea, Judy, he's a Latino, helloooo!"  My history of dating is somewhat representative of the United Nations. I've dated light-skinned, dark-skinned, Hispanics from Puerto Rico & Cuba, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Irish, brown eyed, blue eyed, hazel eyed, tall, short, fit, chunky and funky...oh the colors of the rainbow!  LOL...but I've been criticized for not dating enough Latinos.  I want to make this VERY clear:  I love my latino's just that I don't look at the color of the skin, or the kind of car they drive...I don't care about that. I care about what's in their heart and how they will treat me.  How they will love me!   I wonder:  will  he be a gentleman?  Is he a workaholic?  I hope not.  Is he affectionate?  Spiritual?  A good kisser?  I wonder a lot more, but I won't give it all away here, lol.   

So I'm taking my friend's advice - JUST HAVE FUN and enjoy the company of someone new.  Wish me luck, lol!    


  1. I will definitely wish u the greatest luck you are such a beautiful genuine person and u deserve a good man in your life!!! I hope the date turns to be the greatest and i hope it can be the start of a new relationship a new perspective. Love Stephanie(one with the door-knocker earrings lol)

  2. Good Luck Judy! I'm in the same boat as you! Never find a keeper! Right now, I'm just trying to find the right place to meet someone in my age range (I'm 46). Any suggestions out there??? LOL

  3. just wanna was that date??