Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Think of a gift was given to you from your favorite person in the world.  Make believe that this gift has great signifcance to you in your life; it reminds you of a happier time, or a time when you were lifted from a depresson or the time when you were feeling left out or forgotten & this gift validated you.  Let's pretend that the person who gave you this gift is no longer here on this earth. And although it's just a material thing, you treasure it, hold it close because it reminds you of all those things. Now imagine for a second that a stranger rips this one thing you hold so valuable right from you, and burns it. Burns it with cheer, with contempt and with incomprehensible hatred.  You would be enraged - devastated beyond belief.  This is YOUR gift - only YOU understand its value. How could anyone do that to you? DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  Do you see what that would do to you? You'd probably want to KILL someone after such a senseless act agains you. After all, you didnt' do anything.  

Last night I was watching tv, and I saw something that left me quite speechless.  CNN's Anderson Cooper was interviewing Florida pastor, Terry Jones, who plans to burn the Quran on September 11, 2010 in protest against the "radical Islamists."  I watched this pastor, who is supposed to be a Christian, talk about that he was 'not killing people; he was just going to burn some books.'  My stomach literally turned.  I was ashamed for him.  I am a Christian, by choice...I've read about many faiths, and I have found wonderful things in all religions.  I have friends who are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheists and yes, even Muslim - and I respect and love them ALL!  When I say I am Christian by choice, it's because after questioning my faith, reading, praying, researching in my heart and soul, I felt comfortable.  To me a Christian leads a "Christ-like" life.  That means living my life with love towards others; showing compassion toward those weaker, helpless, hurting, sick, poverty-stricken, imprisoned, lonely; forgiving those who have hurt me even if they are not sorry; and NOT judging others even when I don't understand them.  When Jesus was on this earth, he befriended those whom society despised:  the lepers, the tax collectors, the prostiutes.  He said, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."  DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  My stomach turned because burning the Quran will do nothing but give birth to more hate - hate against Mulims, and then more hate against Christians and Jews in retaliation and so on.  A true Christian would not be so self-righteous to disrespect something considered so sacred to others.  How would this pastor feel if people began burning Bibles? Surely it would hurt the same.  He is wrong...dead wrong. And I could not believe I was watching this ignorance coming out of this man's mouth!!    General Patreus warned him that this act could put the men and women in of our troops in danger...and he said he's going to do it regardless. 

My stomach turned, because it reminded me of times in human history where we did dispicable things to others who were different from us. I recalled slavery in this country.  I recalled the Holocaust. I think of the hate crimes against gay people, many times will we hurt others??? I just can't believe I'm witnessing such ignorant hatred in 2010!! People can argue that in other countries people have burned the United States Flag.  I admit, it hurts when I see that...I think, wow, they sure are pissed off.  But even today, two wrongs do not make a right - they make a war.  This is the United States...people have sought refuge in this country so they may be free to practice THEIR religion.  Even as a Christian, I was always taught that we are right and others' beliefs are wrong...but I DISAGREE with all my heart.  People have a right to believe what they want to believe.  Who am I to judge?  My stomach turned because I believe that if people do this act on September 11, or any other day for that matter, it will be the beginning of a new and underground war here in the United States.  I never thought I'd live to see the day!

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  I see fear growing into poison towards our fellow citizens. I've never been one to be cynical or pessimistic...but I am afraid of what I see. Will there be a civil war right here in this country?  Will there be a new 21st century Holy Crusade?  I see in my mind one day, someone walking up to me and asking, "Are you a Christian?"  If I say yes, will I be shot?  So why should  it happen to a Muslim or anyone else of another faith?  But that's what happened to the Muslim cab driver...he was asked, "Are you Muslim?"  He responded with a nod and was stabbed several times for NO reason at all!  Not right. Not fair. It's stupid.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  The terrorists who wanted to see the World Trade Center Towers fall are LOVING this!  I want to scream out loud:  "Don't you people understand? This is what they want:  the terrorists want us to turn on one another...They want a holy war!  Seeing the country split like that only makes us weaker - and allows the real enemies to become stronger. Ugh...I tell you: I woke up crying this morning. What is to become of us?

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?  God, in my eyes, made ALL of us. I believe He/She/It created us all uniquely and differently; with different cultures, languages, food, and customs to test us and see if in the end, we could all co-exist.  Instead of honoring our differences, we fight hard to show each other how right we are, and when you fight to be right all the time you destroy any room for happiness.  God would not want this behavior from any of us...I never believed in all the end-of-the-world theories of 2012...but now, hm. Not too sure.  I leave you with a comment that a fan posted today. From Supermom Acevedo:

"If we were dealing with people that actually followed the common beliefs we wouldn't have a problem. The issue is not our country it's the radical beliefs and self rightiousness that plague us that pose an issue. What we teach future generations will make or break society. We need to forget religion for a while since religion is man made and God isn't and we need to not only preach but practice love, tolerance, patience, understanding, humility and family values."  She gives me something to think about. DO YOU SEE???         
Didn't mean to preach...sorry!  LOL I'm just REALLY concerned!


  1. I think it falls on the local community and family. Most people no matter what generation do not want to go out of their comfort zone- they prefer the SAME friends/family like them- same ethnicity/religion/culture. MANY DO- more in the younger generation who I think tend to be more diverse in friends. I see it in my neice and nephew.

    ANother thing- I do not have personal knowledge but how much do Catholic schools or even Jewish religious schools TEACH students about other religions?? For if they do not, then obviously the students will not learn about other religions especially if the parents do not teach it to their kids.

    I kind of always resented my own family- my uncles and aunts ALWAYS had ONLY Jewish friends from the sysnagogue. I grew up in a town wher eit was about half Catholic/ Protestant and half Jewish lol. And the town has and still has a very respected Catholic school.

    Parents MUST realize when their kids go to college, the kids will be confronted with VERY DIVERSE students from ALL walks of life.

    So do we wait to teach tolerance of other religions when kids are age 18??? That would be wayyyyy too late.

    I worked with Muslims at Staples for 3 years- and they knew I was Jewish and WE ALL GOT ALONG!!

    love ya xoxox

  2. Judy, I feel your pain. I was raised Catholic all my life but there's a lot that I disagree with in my own religion so a long time ago I decided to call myself "a citizen of the world " and I think everyone should too. Hatred only creates more hatred, and you're 100% right 2 wrongs don't make a right, we are all human, God created us all and Jesus Christ never befriended people who were "LIKE HIM" he walked with anyone that was willing to do good to others. It shouldn't matter what color your skin is, if you're tall, short, thin, fat, if you eat rice and beans or pasta on sundays, if you like boys or girls or both, we all come from the same place and we all end up in the same place one day. Let's love one another, let's get along and let's respect one another "treat others the way you would have them treat you" Continue doing what you're doing Judy "Oprahita" lol God is watching over you and he will give you the strength to continue your journey.......thank you!!!!!