Monday, May 3, 2010

An Unexpected E-Mail about Silver Spurs Arena Concert

So I was checking my fan mail at myspace, and this letter from :Johanna comes up - read on:

I just want to tell you that you were incredible and that night could not have been better... My husband and I were on rocky terms and had been seperated for a couple months now and one of the last things that we had purchased before splitting up were the tickets to the show and neither one of us wanted to give up our ticket so we ended up having to go together which forced us to be in the same room for more then just 15 min and only to drop our son off.. You were and always have been what joins us together!

We met 12 years ago at a friends get together and we started talking because we were both singing your song "no reason" and after that we were inseperable. Last night we didnt speak until you came on we looked at each other and smiled because you have always been our favorite singer. When you started singing the "ooo" part we just held hands and when the song was over we hugged and we realized that no matter how bad things got we had each other.. and your song made us realize thatWe were up all night moving in together again and our son has a whole family again! So I wanted to thank you - because of your song we got together and even played it at our wedding but more importantly (the song) got us back together! You will forever have us as fans now more then ever! When ever you are around us we will be there supporting you and the music that we love so much! Thank you for doing what you do! You are truly an amazing singing and performer! I am beyond grateful !

My point is we never know the impact we make on others..sometimes it's the little things that we say, or the little syllables, like oooh, lol!  Be kind to others & God will reward you far greater than you can even imagine for yourself!  I hope Johanna & her husband find that their separation was necessary to realize why they still need and love each other!  I hope their love is stronger than ever!  It's letters like these that make me feel I am living my life's purpose. I just don't want to sing to other people...I just don't want to hear the applause...I want to heal the spirits through music...that feels the best!!!  


  1. WOW! What a beautiful story!! Music is so powerful, healing, and timeless.

  2. that was a great story Judy! you are truly a wonderful person and everyone can see that in you. you are the light at the end of most people's tunnels cuz your're definitely mine. that's why i see you as a true role model for me. keep on being the best!

  3. Wow. That story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. xoxo