Thursday, May 27, 2010

CHICAGO CHICO (Part 1 of 2)

You know how there is usually someone in the family who never marries; who has an adventurous life; who has amazing stories to tell and who is slightly eccentric??  Maybe I'm that relative.  I came to this conclusion one day while being frustrated that I'm still single.  I told my mom that perhaps it's a blessing I'm overlooking, and since that day I have embraced my new "role" in life- Eccentric, Crazy Single Relative.  There was a freedom when I accepted that idea and for the first time in months I found myself calm.

Until last Saturday...

I landed in Chicago, one of my favorite places to sing.  I got to my room, put my stuff down & away, and then felt it creep up on me again...damn.  "Can you just leave me alone a little longer?"  It was that feeling again that something is missing.  Correction:  SOMEONE is missing. I tried not to obsess about it.  I mean, hey, I'm in a different city...I wasn't staying around the excitement of the city, however.  I was in one of the know "Boon Docks"  I just couldn't go out and wander around & occupy myself.  So I put the tv on and began watching Everybody Loves Raymond marathon.. 
Damn. I'm so bored.  I began to pray.  "Here I am again, Lord. I'm not going to complain that I'm still single.  I'm sure you know better than me why that is, so I won't challenge your decisions...I'm not going to ask for a boyfriend just yet..."  Then I had a thought - I just miss that physical human touch."Okay, God...this might sound horrible, but could I just get kissed?  Could someone kiss me, but not like a usual kiss, but a memorable one?"  Then I thought perhaps asking God for some random kiss was somehow inappropriate so I let the whole thing go, and surrendered to the fact that I am to be single and "alone" one more day. 

The show at Studio 63 was GREAT!  I love the people who go there - they are more affectionate than any other place I've performed in Chicago.  I placed my leg on the sidebar on stage to show the ladies my shoes, and then my leg got stuck.  Two women assisted me getting my leg back without more embarrassment, and  the audience and I got a real good laugh about it. It was my first performance since my sinus surgery & I was terrified.  First 7 minutes of my 27 minute show were rough..I hated how I was sounding. In fact, I sounded quite busted, lol, & I hope the crowd forgives me.. I think they do.  Thank God, it got better and I was able to feel free.  After the show, I signed autographs, and took pictures.  And there he was...I'll call him Chicago Chico.

I'd met him over a year ago the last time I was there. He was bold enough to ask me to have a drink with him at the bar after the show...but we were interrupted by fans asking for pictures so much, that I confess I really didn't get to know him.  We never exchanged numbers or anything and he became a blurred memory.  But the second I saw him, I thought he was just as cute as I had the time I met him last year. 

"Hi, Judy - remember me?  We had a drink last year by the bar but kept getting interrupted?"  He has a great smile.  Hm, he's still so adorable...Latino, slightly taller than me, great warm brown eyes, an incredible head of hair, (not that that's a requirement, lol), moustache & goatee (usually I don't like facial hair on a man, but sometimes it works and in this case - um, hell yea!!)   and an innocence about his smile that simply invites me to talik to him...can't help it.  LOL. "Yes, I remember you.  When I'm done here, if you'd like, we can try to have that drink again."  He agreed to wait. When I was done, my road manager accused me of being a cougar as he walked me to the bar.  I am NOT a cougar!!! The title "cougar"  implies that you hunt the guy down, chew him up and spit him back out...I am not a predator.  I am simply open to whomever I happen to be attracted to - provided that he is over 28.  I've dated younger & older.  Experience has taught me that older men are not always as mature as younger men - it really is an individual situation and no one man can be put in a category.  Anyway, I walked over to the bar and he ordered a drink for me.

The second we finally smiled at each other and began to talk, this lovely latina woman comes over. I call her lovely because, well, let's just say I'm a lady.  The first words out her mouth are:  "How long do you know Chicago Chico?"  "We met last year..."  "Well, Judy, let me tell you, he's a good man - a Christian, God-fearing man...and he's an amazing kisser.  I should know - I kissed him about 10 years ago."

My response?  "Thank you for the endorsement. I'll let you know if he's improved."  To be continued tomorrow.                     

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  1. can't wait 2 hear the rest! i'm like on the edge of my seat ova here lol ur stories r always good 2 read. muah!