Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not Just Any Kiss

When was the last time someone kissed you?
When was the last time someone looked into your eyes and lingered there, while leaning in to kiss you?
When was the last time someone reached the edge of your lips and waited that extra second before touching lips?  
When was the last time someone kissed you with so much passion that you blushed?
When was the last time someone kissed you with slow, intentional movement that almost brought you to your knees?
When was the last time someone kissed you & left you wanting more?
When was the last time someone kissed you so well that you didn't need anything else?
When was the last time someone kissed you hard, with intention and unspoken desire that you were simply left you downright speechless?

If you've never experienced this kind of kiss from a lover, spouse or stranger for that matter, you've never really been kissed....

As for lol...I'm speechless!  


  1. yep ur rite, i never been kissed like that ever! haha still waitng to have that first special kiss *blush* hope it's like any of that of what u said!

  2. My best kiss was back in 1995 at the end of our first date with this guy from my neighborhood. I dropped him off at his house and I gave him a kiss goodnight in my van. After I felt the kiss was long enough, I pulled away. But then he grabbed me by both my arms and kissed me harder. I was suprised and I tried to pull away. It was scary! His moustache was scraping my face. I thought i was going to be sexually attacked. (For real!) Then when he finally let me go, I saw in his eyes that it was just about the kiss. That was the hottest kiss in my life to this very day!

  3. OMG!! Twenty nine years ago after a nice stroll in the rain,while talking and getting to know each other. It left me with butterflies in my stomach.
    Today, Twenty-six years of being happily married to the same man, I still get those butterflies!
    Love those kisses!!! Muah!!