Friday, May 7, 2010

A Request From a Fan to Play "Abuela" in In The Heights, Broadway.

So while I'm recovering from sinus surgery, and continue to be in substantial excruciating pain, I came across this email today...and as per this fan's request, here is his letter.  You may feel free to comment!

Dear Ms Torres,

I was attempting to post my comment publicly but it seems your blog has that feature not available. Would you mind posting for me so I can communicate with your fans?
Here we go ....

Dear Judy,

I have been a fan for as very long time and must disclaim you are absolute favorite female vocalist of all time. I have never seen you give a performance without exceptional energy. Whether it was a stadium event, nightclub, hole in the wall or traveling down the street on a float in 100 degree weather (LOL) yes I saw you as the Madrina in the NY Puerto Rican parade.

The purpose I am writing and hoping to get all of your Snowflakes to agree (are we still snowflakes in the summer?) is I was lucky enough to see In The Heights on Broadway earlier this week. Besides having a stage production that emulates life in the barrio it was great to see a primarily latino cast, unlike my experience with West Side Story. There was one character in the play, The Abuela / Grandma and during the entire performance I kept saying to myself WHY ISNT THAT JUDY TORRES ON THAT STAGE PLAYING THAT PART.... here are my reasons. The character Abuela is the belter of the show (Like You) She is dramatic (with the heat and walking up and down the stairs... ok so Maybe not like Judy Torres the singer but I did have the chance to see you play the role of Queen in THE LIFE and after getting beat by a pimp, playing a hooker and getting out of jail - I think you can play an old lady... in edition didn't you play grandma freestyle for a concert in NY and NJ?) and You should be on Broadway.... If Betty White fans got her on SNL I think the snowflakes can get together and get you to play this role In The Heights.

SNOWFLAKES UNITE INTO A BLIZZARD ! Please spread the word to all the Judy Torres fans you know and get them to join this blog so we can all comment, post and get Judy in this production.... Are you with me ?

Judy - You are an amazing talent and I love everything you have ever recorded but it would be a site to see you sing this production. If anyone has ever seen this production you have to agree....

Thanks for your time fellow snowflakes!

See you on Broadway Judy Torres !

Antonino Moran

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  1. I feel like correcting that letter like a schoolteacher...but I digress. Yes, Judy does need to be on a Broadway stage! So Judy, it looks like your manager has a project on his hands! Let's do this!