Monday, April 5, 2010


I'd be remiss to say that I haven't heard from the man I refer to as "Navy Guy."  If you're in the dark about who he is, allow me to recap.  It was sometime back in the fall that I was performing in a club, and I asked the audience if there was anyone there that had never seen me perform before.  He was one of the 3 hands that was raised in the air, and he was the one that just stuck out.  After the show, he came up to take a picture and it was then, that his cousin informed me that he'd just returned from his last deployment of over a year and half.

We began talking and I discovered he was in the Navy, thus receiving the name, Navy Guy!  I asked him to dance with me, and it was hard at times because some wonderful women were rude and just kept trying to dance with him without even any regard to the fact that this chunky but funky girl was finally getting some attention, lol!  He politely denied the women, telling the last one, "I'm sorry, I'm with Judy tonight."  That comment won him points, and while in the middle of a song, I kissed him.    He was only in town for the weekend, but every weekend, he reappeared to take me out.  And a relationship was born.  I never allowed myself to fall in love with him because he'd made it clear that he had a lot of emotional stuff to work through, that he was not in a place to have a serious relationship because he was being deployed again in January.  To make a very long story a little bit shorter, we went up and down:  one moment feeling like this was something real and would grow - he said things like I have feelings for you, I miss you, etc.  and the next moment with him reminding me, "look, like I said I got my wall up...not going there."  So just before he left for his deployment, I told him we should cut the "ties" and just be friends...I told him I don't kiss my friends, nor am I a booty call.  I was not built to be a booty me a booty call makes me feel like a make a cameo appearance - and I want to be the leading lady.

So, as we both had promised since he left for deployment in January, we've been in contact...not too often, but from time to time a friendly email.  One of the last emails he sent, he admitted he's missed me and would like to talk when he gets back about possibly being a "couple." Oh, the mixed feelings.  I felt joy, excitement, nervousness, and I also felt doubt, confusion and an urge to protect myself - protect my heart.  Since he's been gone, I've dated here and there, and for a moment, I even thought my ex was going to be back in my life. I was excited about that prospect, but once again, he didn't back up his actions with his words.  And so I am to what God brings to the love of my life that I know is out there somewhere.

Today, I received an email from him...I caved a little and told him in the last email that I've thought of him, his smile, his great moves when he dances...and today he emails me, (he calls me Julie because he'd never heard of Judy Torres when we met, and thought my name was Julie Torres, lol) he says in his emial:  "Julie, you had me at hello..." So, here I am, not sure what he's doing...maybe he's just been at sea for way too long.  After all, 3 months at sea, arriving at no port would make any man delirious, and nostalgic for life at home. Or on the other hand, 3 months at sea could force a man to reassess his life and what' important to him.

I vowed to myself I would not "wait" I'm not.  But I do have fond memories, and have to admit, I think it would be nice to see him again. I'd be a liar if I said I don't want to see him.  He was a joy during the time I knew him...he always did what he said he'd do, and I laughed much more than I cried. What do you think I should do? Hmm...wondering.               


  1. Go for it! You already have your boundaries, and he's aware of that. So let's take this to the next level! :)

    ps. i love your line "I was not built for a booty call". LOVE IT!!!

  2. Don't think you can really make that decision until you see him and talk and see how things go. Don't count on it but don't rule it out. Take is slow and see what happens.

  3. I would wait- see when he will be on land permenantly- then find out where he will live- what state /city...then see if it is "driving" feasable (frequent visits) or "only by plane" (very few and far between visits)..and then decide between him and the ex..but thnk in long terms- living together / sharing expenses and bills/ etc ...good luck!!

  4. I agree with Leslie. But do take the chance on seeing him again and allowing him to talk. Than take it slow and see wher it goes. I know God has something in store for you. Good luck!! Can't say too much about the ex. But there is a reason why he is the EX and and EX must remain and EX. Why would you take him back?? Think about it.

    Love yah!

  5. We're smart women. We've got more that enough common sense to know when something is real enough for us to open up our hearts. So.....if your not near to 100% sure that this will go in a relationship direction, then by all means keep protecting your heart. A broken heart sucks BIG time, and yeah I know life goes on and in time every thing gets better again but why go through all that mess.

  6. ey Judy. I just wanted to come thru n show some luv. All I can say is that hes a fool! U show some of the great quilities a woman should have. I'm not saying that because your "Judy Torres". I'm saying that because it's real talk. U can tell by the way u express yourself and how respectful u are of yourself. Words go along ways. I think u know what u want and how to get it. If he don't see what he got then his lost. I'm sure u will make the next man that comes around the happiest lucky sob on the planet lol. muah luv Preciosa Judy

  7. Wow Judy, if I had some specific details about navy guy I could probably see through his eyes and speak from his heart be it good or bad. I think my 24 yrs in that uniform qualify my opinions.