Sunday, April 4, 2010


Lent is officially over!  Hurray...just wanted to express my joy that I can finally indulge a little in candy and soda today!  I had given that up for Lent, and it was more than hard, especially when I was in crisis and stressed, and believe me, I was in crisis.

So today is Easter...a day to rejoice Christ's resurrection and to remind ourselves that when we pass, we will be in His care for eternity...and today, I get to eat, candy candy candy!  I don't know where to begin..what do I have first? 

I'm not thinking straight..wasn't it worth giving up?  Didn't I lose a few pounds from just giving that up?  In long term, doesn't it really make me a healthier person?  Sure it does...
But allow me this...
If you don't hear from me for the rest of the day, I am somewhere in a movie theater, eating candy corn, raisenettes, candy corn, peeps, cadbury eggs...did I say candy corn?  LOL..
Tomorrow I will re-assess and go back to being candy free...
Not today!  


  1. NO SODA! SODA IS BAD FOR YOU! Drink Vitamin Water! :)

  2. Hey, Angel! Vitamin Water is not as good either, lol, my doctor tells me it still has too much sugar! But you are right, I think Vitamin Water is the less of two evils! Muah! Love ya!

  3. are just too much! Okay so after Easter is no more soda for you. Drink plain water....its the best. and if you need something sweet once in a while...try a little crystal lite. Take yah!!