Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, I survived the weekend. It went a bit like this:

Thursday night: INSOMNIA again!! Ugh, of all the nights to lose sleep, this one is not the one. There is a lovely moment between consciousness and sleep. I don't know if you've ever felt that moment or not, but it's kind of interesting, lol. Anyway, as soon as I arrived at that moment, BAM! I was awake, eyes wide open!

Friday: I think I had about 4 hours of sleep; not enough but what can I do...I had a flight to catch. So, had a good breakfast, laughed and was in a good mood. Got a ride to Newark airport where my road manager, David, and I took a flight to Chicago! What a beautiful city - if you've never been there, you should take the trip. The winters kick butt, moreso than here in NY/NJ, but it is worth it. Treated like royalty there. Was greeted by driver, and driven in a Maserati Limousine! Wow! Very few limos make me gasp. This one made me a fan. I took pictures like a true tourist and like a person who'd taken her first limo drive, lol. The color was spectacular: a light, dusted frosted, opalescent green/silver. I have NEVER seen a color on a car like that. trunk though, lol. So Lissette Melendez, her nephew, my road manager and I shared this gorgeous limo with our luggage.

We were driven to Venuti's, the venue where we'd be performing that evening. It was a truly beautiful place! We were taken to a private room with the promoters and the owner of Venuti's, where we were served dinner - and nothing was off limits! It did feel like royalty, I cannot lie! Afterward we did a sound check and went to our hotel rooms. I took a nap. I could've slept for almost 4 hours, but that insomnia thing was determined to keep me company, and as a result, I slept for about 45 minutes. Better than nothing. The show was great! Cynthia and Lissette and I were backstage discussing how long we've been in this business, family matters, etc...honestly, I think Cynthia and Lissette look better than EVER!! After the show, Lissette and I were bombarded right in front of the Ladies' room, and even at one point had to go into the bathroom to take a few pics for women with no flashes in their cameras, lol. I couldn't hang out afterwards, I had Puerto Rico the next morning!

Saturday: So, I slept a total of an hour and a half. Feeling somewhat zombie-ish, we arrived to the airport to jump on the plane. I was EXHAUSTED. I cannot sleep on planes. It doesn't matter how much leg room I have, or if I can bring the seat back...I cannot sleep sitting up. I look at my road manager, and there he is, with his mouth gaping open, and snoring like a freaking baby. Was I hating? Better believe it! I did get to watch Dispicable Me though! LOL..I needed the laughter and I loved the movie, especially the little girl who was dying to win a stuffed unicorn toy at an amusement park. She screamed "It's so cute and FLUFFYYYY!!!" Okay, you had to be there!

We landed around 4pm, arrived to the hotel and it took almost an hour just to check in. We were staying at the Caribe Hilton...GORGEOUS! I arrived to my pretty room with my big bed, and I walked onto the balcony. And there it was. A beautiful beach flowing with palm trees, inviting sand and a hammock that said, "lie here. The breeze is perfect." Damn. I'm in the motherland, Puerto Rico, and I can't even get a chance to enjoy it! I took a photo of my view - at least I can remember it and perhaps return one day. I closed the balcony door and walked right to the bed, where I felt it. The exhaustion set in. My throat was hurting, and I had not eaten. But I wasn't hungry because the urge to sleep was by far stronger than the urge to eat. I plopped onto the bed...I had at least 3 or 4 hours to rest...did I sleep?

I do not know if I am the only performing artist who experiences this when they travel, but I felt lonely. Beautiful bed, beautiful view, but I just wish I had someone to say, "I am so tired! Can I rest my head on your chest?" or "Can you rub my feet?" Okay, it's really not so much about that...I think I was truly exhausted. Borderline delirious perhaps. And then my phone rang. And I was comforted by a friend at the right moment, when I needed it most. I was lying there, sideways, with the phone on my ear and as I listened, a single tear ran down my face onto the pillow. I hung up, and decided it was time to try to sleep again. But for the 2 1/2 hours my body laid there, my mind never stopped running. Woke up, got a Starbucks and went to the show.

Backstage I was with Lisa-Lisa, who I just adore and we were talking for a while. What I love about her is that she tells it like it is; never censors herself, and if you don't like what she has to say, oh, well, lol. It was my turn to go up onstage, and it was a little scary. Although I was in Puerto Rico, and I know the audience speaks English, the whole I-don't-speak-Spanish-fluently thing comes up and I get a bit intimidated. But I went up there, and did my Puerto Rican Wonder Woman dance step, and it was all good. I invited a young singer named Stephanie Lou Ann Bracero to come to the show. She's 18 and has a voice on her that you know is a gift from God! When I look at her I see myself - and so i've been sending her and hermother emails throughout the year, after having viewed her performances at various places. I think she's pretty amazing. So in the middle of my show, without her knowing I invited her onstage to sing something. And although she was put on the spot, she shined!! I wish I had the means to help her, but I hope that putting her up onstage would get someone's attention. Right after, I had to fly out the door because I had to be at the airport at 2:30 am for a 4:30 am flight.

Sunday: At the airport that is when it really hit me. My eyes burned, my body sluggish. I paid the extra money it cost just to get extra room...and thank God, I had the entire aisle to myself. For the first time I laid down on the aisle and closed my eyes...but NOOO!!! I can't sleep because it's freaking freezing!! I asked the attendant for a blanket: "Sure! We have pillow and blanket for $7!" Are you freaking kidding me? Forget it...I'll freeze. I do think I slept about an hour or so, which was enough to get me through. We landed in Fort Lauderdale, Flo for a connecting flight. Did I want that? Of course not, taking the flights at that time was the only way I could get into New York to make my 12 noon shift at WKTU!

The flight was delayed. Of course it was...that would be expected, lol. It was delayed by an hour, and I had to make lots of phone calls to warn everyone that I may not make it on time. In radioland, there is no such thing as being late. You simply cannot be late. We got on the plane, and I leaned against the window by my seat, praying it would transform into a comfy down pillow. I think I sort of slept. As soon as we landed we ran to the car and I drove to WKTU...I got there at 11:52am....8 minutes before my shift. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but by 5:30 I hit a wall, and I couldn't wait to be free.

All in all, the bottom line is this: you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. The mind is more powerful than your body, because when you WILL something to happen, it does happen whether your body likes it or not!!


  1. Wow!! I don't even know if I could have done all that without or very little sleep!! LOL But glad you made a future singer very happy!!

    Have a great Happy Thanksgiving!!

    love Leslie XOXOXO

  2. you are truly the best!!! and as angellovef said, you are Wonder Woman!! Stephanie is a great singer. i'm praying that she goes very far!

  3. Judy, I can't thank you enough (obviously) for the opportunity you gave my daughter. You have a heart of gold and a beautiful soul. You truly are Wonder Woman!! <3