Monday, October 11, 2010


So yesterday, I woke up still feeling sick, but felt I was getting better.  I slept a LOT the night before - almost 11 hours!!! Whew, hadn't had that kind of sleep since I was 19 and doing 4-5 shows a night, lol.  I showered, got dressed and was all set for work at KTU and a date I had made with a gentelman who teaches Rhumba and Cha-Cha at a dance studio in the city.  Yea, paints a picture for you, huh? LOL...makes me think of a svelt, tall, perfect-postured man, with his hand held out to invite me to dance.  But then, as I was literally inside the tunnel, I began to feel body aches again, and just an agonizing sensation that I wanted to sleep. I realized, at a very late juncture, that I didn't think I'd make it through my shift.

I called my boss and told him I was afraid I couldn't make it...could the dj after me come in a bit earlier? He told me he'd call me back.  I drove around 2 times and found a GREAT parking space.  I walked to the store to purchase apple juice,  tea and phone rang. 

"Judy, don't come in...We got you covered. "  Wow that was quick.  Sounds strange, but I was so freaking relieved.  Walked right back to my car, drove back home, bought chicken soup, placed a sorry-I-didn't-make-it-to-work status on Facebook, and put my head down. OH MY GOD!  I had to call the dance instructor to cancel.  He was, gratefully, understanding.

Went to see my caring Dr. today.  Yes, I have bronchitis.  I received medication...and then she went over my blood test results.  Negative - for lupus; Negative - for Lyme Disease.  Then she points out that I am Vitamin D deficient and that it may explain a little of the fatigue as well.  There was somthing suspicious in my bloodwork and she referred me to a specialist...something about connective tissue disease - could be possible arthritis, although my phsycial indicated negative towards that too. Well, at least I may be getting some answers to why I KNOW I've not been myself lately! LOL

Well, my friends...take this blog as a sign to get yourself examined,. If you have not had a thorough physical in a long time, please do it.  Do it for yourself; for without your health, you don't have anything!! Muah!


  1. Glad your doctor gave overall good news. Vitamin D can be fixed by I assume eating more vitamin D rich foods.

    How the hell did you do 4-5 shows a night??? LOL

    If that guy calls back for a raincheck date, then it is a good sign in my opinion.

    By 4:10pm when I did not hear your voice on KTU Sunday I KNEW something was not right. I first thought of traffic but you are ALWAYS on time on the air lol. So then I told myself - wow can a DJ really take a sick day? lol

    Glad you are back online but PLEASE take it slow or you will ger a relapse!!!

    Leslie Guttenplan XOXOX

  2. It's good to hear your Dr. ruling out those options. Make sure you stay on top of your vitamin D though. I got a little shakey when I didn't hear you on the radio on my way to work. I thought, omg I hope something didn't happened. But I figured you weren't feeling up to it so you went back home. Hope you can have your date with your dancing guy soon! Love ya!

  3. That's so weird Judy, I'm taking vitamin D & E because I was so low on them both that I was having dizzy spells while driving :( definitely pick up those vitamins right away they help ME a great deal!!! How are you feeling now? If you're anything like ME you must feel already a little better, every time I get sick I immediately feel better after I see my doctor :) Those power naps you've been taking are definitely a big help also, I hope you're 100% better soon :)

  4. Glad to hear that your doctors are taking care of you and figuring out what's wrong. And I totally believe that you should always get yourself checked out when you're body is telling you something is wrong. Don't just shrug it off and say, Oh it'll be gone by tomorrow. When I was 14 I had stomach aches for 3 days. I tried to play it off until my mother noticed and whisked me to the emergency room. My appendix was about to burst. But thankfully the doctors gave me medicine to control what was going on.

    Just keep taking care of yourself, and use those sick days! :)


  5. Hi Judy: I'm so happy to hear that you going to be ok. Bronchitis is tuff and thankfully curable. Your medication will help you along. I see my Dr. every 6 months for my physical or whenever I feel ill. She's wonderful and very thorough as well. Taking a daily womens muti vitamin can help. Judy, I'm very happy that your illness is not related to the MS,Thyroid or diabetis. I was afraid for you. As for Mr. Wall st. I'm pleased to hear that he was ok with you cancelling your date. If you already made a future date great, if not and he calls to reschedule great great. That means he's interested. Hey, have you ever thought of joining Dancing with the stars. I thought of you last night while watching. You'd be great. You'll have a heads up with Mr. Rumba Cha Cha man. Hey I like the way that sounds Rumba Cha Cha man.lololol. I'm sure he'll teach you well. You already know the Cha Cha.LOLOL Anyway Sweety, have a better day today and everyday forcoming....smooches
    Love you lots.