Sunday, March 6, 2011


Last night we began the long trek down to the Freestyle Extravaganza 6, at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT at scheduled showtime was 8:15pm. I was informed the night before that I would be second to perform in the line up. For a performer, sometimes that's not a great thing. I'm not one of those people that thinks, 'Great, I can get it over with and watch the rest of the show.' For me in the 20 plus years in this business of music, I have learned that the later you go on stage, the bigger the reflection on you; in other words - it's a GREAT compliment! I am very happy to know that from time to time being in this business has always HUMBLED me. I am very accustomed to going on last, or next to last...and there is a lot of pressure going on last. Going on last is implies that you are going to give a great show, if not - the best show. It is a lot of pressure, but I love the challenge. But this show I was second in what does that mean? My ego began to get in my way.

Um, is the promoter or booking agent mad at me? Did I say something wrong? Am I being punished? Was it that they were dissatisfied with my performance last year and just wouldn't tell me? Is it because I don't have dancers??? As you can see, I am a sensitive & worrisome soul, lol.

On the wall, the order of the concert was posted, and indeed my name was second in line. Okay, I've accepted it, lol. But then I see my length of showtime: TEN MINUTES! My show is typically 20-25 minutes; 30 minutes if we're all having a great time...but ten, that's tough. But that wasn't the problem - the problem was my showtape was 12:54 seconds long. I had been granted permission to use that showtape by one of the promoters, but suddenly my road manager, David, was telling me, " can only do 10 minutes." I looked at him. And then I continued to look at him. I was attempting to telepathically tell him, 'I don't care what you have to do, PLEASE don't tell me I'm going to be cut off in the middle of my show!!' And I looked at him for another second..."Okay Judy...I'll go talk to them." He's worked with me for 14 years...and we work well together! I am blessed to have him around!

I saw some familiar faces - the TKA posse, Sal Abbattiello of Fever Records and Crystal Waters. It always feels like I'm home when I see the "freestyle family." - TKA, George Lamond, Cynthia, etc. I was greeted, and I walked through the hall to my dressing room that I was sharing with Rockell & Crystal Waters! I was happy to share it with them because Rockell & I get along superbly & I am a big fan of Crystal Waters. While we were all putting on make up, we were exchanging information about favorite cosmetics and the state of dance music, and how the basic "song structure" has somewhat changed..but that's a whole other blog...and then something strange, odd, oh, I don't know...something unexpected happened, something I had NEVER been asked while in a dressing room in my entire life.

A woman, who I do know but not all that well, approached me while I was putting on make up in front of the sink...I only had 10 minutes left before I had to report backstage. "Judy, can you just move and give me a minute so I can brush my teeth?" Que, que?!?! Huh?! Oh, what a dilemma I had been put in. I had to choose between finishing my face and covering some flaws, or allowing this woman to keep with her dental hygiene routine intact...oh, what to do, what to do!!! I was literally dumbfounded...I can't have this woman walking around with stinky breath, but I can't go on stage with this sudden pimple on my nose that I had to cover. I mean the diva in me thought, "I'm getting ready to go on stage...can u wait one second?" but I'm not rude like that, lol...and then an angel named Crystal Waters decided for me. "Hey, I'm done, if you want you can use this one." Bless you, my pimple is taken care of and this woman has fresh kissable breath!

The show began with Rockell. Mid-way during her show, she took her shoes off. I TOTALLY understand...sometimes the shoes, as cute as they look, inhibit you from freely moving around. During her last song I said my prayers, and my road manager walked up to me. We looked out into the crowd..and I told him, "There are some empty seats, because a lot of people are on Latino time...(they're late)" LOL My concern was that the next day, the fans would be angry with me that they didn't get a chance to see me. But he said, "Don't you worry about that." "Oh, I'm not worried...I'm going to do my best & perform for the ones that are here now!" Then he told me the one thing that I hate people telling me right before a show: "Judy, don't talk. You can't talk." Um, excuse doesn't everyone know that after all these years, talk is part of my show??? It is a part of who I am. Telling me not to talk is like telling Oprah not to ask questions during her show. So, I responded the way he wanted me to. "I know...Ok. No talking." Yeah, right!

My name was announced...I walked on stage, took a deep breath, and without even realizing my mouth opened and words sprang forth involuntarily!! "How's everybody doing tonight? How far back do you want to go? Let's go back to before you had the kids, before the bills...the year was 1987, the song was No Reason to Cry." Whew...they let me talk. The music began and I had SO much freaking fun up's as if we were all so hungry to remember easier times...I began to revisit some dance steps that were popular during the 80s: the Wop & the Roger Rabbit. I had just as much fun as the crowd did, believe me! In fact I was having so much fun that during I Love You, Will You Love Me, I forgot a couple of words. Holy crap...I just did a Christina Aguilera! Just like her, I sang words but in the wrong place...I don't think anyone noticed, but Christina probably hoped the very same thing, hahaha! And then during Come Into My Arms, the last song, I felt a strange I was dancing, I became a little winded because I usually talk before the song, and it brings my heart rate back down, but it wasn't happening tonight. I was so afraid that they were going to cut me off...but the people were standing up, singing and smiling...please don't cut off my song...please - I'm almost done. And then my foot began to hurt. I ignored it. Fighting to breathe through the dancing and singing, I finished & I felt good about the show...

I walked into the dressing room, removed my shoes, and there it was: part of the shoe cut right into my toe and the top part of my foot was throbbing...oh well, at least I didn't fall. I walked over to Lisa-Lisa's dressing room. I love that girl beyond words...she's so honest, blunt and she's forever kind to me. We chatted a bit, and then I said hello to Coro, hugged him and walked over to TKA's dressing room to wish them luck. I had to leave...the limo was on a time constraint and there was nothing I could do about it. I was really hoping to see MC Hammer and Bobby Brown perform...but at least I can say I was on the same concert as they cool! Freestyle still lives!! Thanks to all who came out to support us, to support the music and to support the legacy of the freestyle culture!! Muah!


  1. That sucks that you had to have a "Speed concert" They just over did it with all those NON Freestyle artists,seriously. But at least you had fun and Im sure all your fans who werent on Latino time LOL enjoyed you~ You are truly a freestyle legend and the Queen of freestyle!! Love ya girl!
    Bub xx

  2. Sorry you had such a short time to perform. That's horrible!!! I'm sure you have to take it as it comes, but that was wrong!!
    Glad you had a great performance!!!

  3. Do you honestly think they would have pulled the plug on the Queen of Freestyle?! Did they introduce you properly? Otherwise, I'm gonna have to call somebody!

  4. i soo agree with angellovef because if you did not get the proper introduction, somebody is not going to be happy having a chat with him and then meeting with me! lol but it was great that Ms. Waters was nice to let you finish your make-up and not let you go out there half done lol. giving you 10 minutes is definitely not a lot but hey the show must go on right, make the best of it and you did! glad you had a great set and i can't wait to see you perform again! xoxo

  5. Hi Judy: I'm so glad your performance went well. I'm sorry that you had to perform with such pressure wondering if you'd run out of time. But because your the Queen of Freestlye and a professional you did your best as always.
    As for mixing up the words, I forgive you. For one,it's your song and not the National Anthem and two your an awesome performer and the crowd was to excited to even realize it. As you know I know your music inside out so I would have noticed, HAHAHLMAO. But I wouldn't have said anything. Why, because I Love You and circumstance. As for the shoes. I Love shoes and lots of times I wear them when they KILL my feet cause the look so Dam cute. So I understand that. I hope your toe feels better today.

  6. If I was there I would have been very dissapointed on only seeing you perform for 10 minutes!! That was very generous of Crystal to help you ou backstage!!

  7. I heard nothing but great things about this show and your performance Ms. Judy - now, when is Philly on your agenda :)