Sunday, December 12, 2010


With Christmas quickly approaching, I cannot help but notice the array of emotions that this holiday brings out in people.  The feelings are so palpable.  Some are excited - they can't wait to check out all the sales, ; they listen to Christmas carols with such enthusiasm; they love decorating, and love to "ooh and ahh" when they see the tree; and of course, there are some (ahem, children) who count the days and can barely sleep the eve of.  Some are not so excited - they are turned off from the pressure of not having an inkling of an idea what to buy for their loved ones and they HATE standing on any lines; they are annoyed by the Christmas carols, staying far away from 106.7 Lite FM, lol; some cringe so badly at the mere thought of putting up a tree that they can easily break out into hives; and they DETEST that Christmas has become an economical effort to increase profits.  And some are sad - this is the first Christmas after the loss of a loved one ( I cannot even imagine how terribly difficult that must be); they have no financial means to buy a tree let alone Christmas presents; and there are the lonely - the holidays remind them in a more raw way that they are "alone". 


Hm, this year I'm a little of each one.  This year I am mourning in a way, that because all my siblings are all grown up now, each Christmas it seems someone is "missing".  I am not too excited this year, because I am usually the one in my family who comes with HEAPS of gifts for everyone...this year I have to be more conscientious about spending (yes even I am affected, lol.)  I feel just a tad lonely...I have no reason to be, really, but it's like the second year now that I haven't put up a tree in my home.  My friends have simply been too busy to help me...BUT. I am still a kid inside. I still LOVE Christmas!!  Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus.  It's supposed to be about quality family time; about gathering around to talk and eat, and talk and eat some more.  Personally I enjoy the "corniness" of the holiday. Yeah, that's right. I BLAST Christmas carols!  I still see Christmas with a wonderment that has never left me.  It is still a magical time for me,where miracles are possible, blah, blah, blah.  I love sending Christmas cards, love wrapping gifts with bows and tags; choosing the PERFECT gift for a person and watching their eyes inflate when they open the gift. It just brings me complete satisfaction.  Yes, I know Christmas is so commericialized now that it is shoved down our throats.


My favorite things:  When people walk into the home with their cheeks rosy and they try to shake off the cold from their bones, watching children tear the wrappings to shreds just to find the gift inside, hearing O Holy Night, watching Charlie Brown Christmas and sitting with my family, knowing we are all alive, safe and healthy. And if we're lucky enough - hearing the snow fall silently at night. Cool. Quiet. Peaceful.  

I have just one wish for Christmas.  I really do.  The thing is this:  my wish doesn't cost a dime; it doesn't need to be wrapped in a bow...and it is something that SO many people take for granted.  After all, the best presents in life cannot be bought.  I don't want to spoil it for myself...but, on Christmas, like a dork, I will look at the tree all lit up, and I will pray and still hope for it.  And if and when I receive it, I will reveal it.

So no matter how you look at Christmas, it will come...and it will go...and I hope that you make the best of it.  If you have no money, remember you are alive - and for sure someone has it much worse.  If you lost someone, honor their memory by celebrating what their life stood for (and wouldn't they want you to celebrate?). If you feel it's jsut a ploy to get people to spend, don't buy a thing & just use the day to be with loved ones.  If you are lonely, pick up the phone and get yourself over to someone's house.  Don't choose to wallow in your own sadness.  So, please....Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!!   


  1. Judy, you bring us Christmas every day with your genuine good will, kindness, and loving spirit. May you always keep that spark in your heart and never forget how much we all love you.
    Feliz Navidad ♥

  2. I also have mized feelings for several reasons. First being Jewish even tho on Hanukkah we do exchange presents, most Jewish kids know it is not as "big" as Christmas. No one tells us- we just know lol. Also because of my upbringing, I never could understand people buying presents galore- 5-10 presents for kids, presents for extended family, etc.

    I grew up like this- since Hanukkah is 8 days, my parents gave me and my sister 1 MAJOR gift the first night- clothes, or expensive toy.. the other 7 nights were little gifts or cheap toys. As we got older we got money and could decide our own gift (teenage years). Mainly because we were low middle class we never bought gifts for my cousins/ aunts / uncles - just sent them a card.

    And sadly due to being unempployed, I wish I could afford a few presents for a few friends in the NYC area but will have to settle on only sending out cards. But I am ok lol.

    I actually like listening to Christmas carols too!! LOL

    love Leslie xo

  3. I'm not a fan of Christmas, all the decorating,cooking,presents, and the crappy played out music blah blah blah. I think Christmas should be for children and not so commercialized.Plus it does suck after you "lose" someone who was the only reason you liked Christmas for anyways.
    Oh well, I wish the best to all of you who enjoy the holidays and hope you get all you wish and hope for.
    Be Blessed Judy!! xx


  4. I have mixed emotions about Christmas. But this year I feel great about it. :) For me, I don't wait until Christmas to give someone I love a gift. I give my friends gifts all year long! If I know they are going to like something, I get it for them and give it to them. I don't wait for birthdays or Christmas. I love to see their surprised faces. I can't wait once a year for that. Anyway, i hope you have a Fabulous Christmas and get your wish. I recently had a big wish come true. So now I have to dream a bigger dream. We all have the power to make our wishes come true.

  5. Bah Humbug!!! I'm sorry to say, I'm not a Christmassy type of person. I wish I were though. Usually on Christmas, I'm able to splurge a little on the most important person in my life. This year I'm afraid I won't be able to and thats what bothers me the most. She's getting A's in her first yr at college, and has been working hard at making her dream come true. She deserves alot more than I can give her this year. She doesn't ask me for anything, I just like to surprise her with two or three special gifts. This Christmas I pray that God sees fit to bless her with what she wants most... whatever that may be. I wish the same for you Judy. You've been a great source of inspiration and an incredible example of a generous and unselfish human being. May God Bless You and Your Family this year with love, health, togetherness,
    good friends and peace. Hugs from our family to yours!!!

  6. "I posted this to your other blog regarding the drawing board but wanted to add it here as well." God BLess you Judy TTyl. xoxo

    Well; How do I start this little chain? First I must say that your right in what your saying when it comes to Spending Christmas with loves ones. But under my circumstance; loseing my Mother after 42 wonderful years tells it all. as much as I wanted to spend it with Family I could only spend it alone. You sad it>>>

    "And some are sad - this is the first Christmas after the loss of a loved one ( I cannot even imagine how terribly difficult that must be) " WEll Now we all know right judy, all I say is you make sure that you tell your mother everyday you LOVE HER and always will.
    I now and then speak to her in my thoughts and prayers and I know she is listening; cause i can feel her;(..

    Your not alone Judy; I have turned to our Creator as a guidence and comfort and your know what? IT works. for some reason the Lord works in mysterious ways and count your blessings that we are still able to cope with the sadness and grief that comes along with sorrow. I now atttend Sunday Mass and feel great going to chruch on sunday; someting I failed to so for some time.

    I just got word that my aunts husband is now on his dealth bed. All I ask is that the hand of god bless him and is family at this time of need.

    I too; for a long time now have been living a lonely life, all my frinds tell me do something and get out ot it but it's hard when you have kids you care for and don't want to see them get hurt.